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Thank you for the gift horse! Hey, what's that in its mouth? Answered

A few months ago I entered an instructable that placed in both the Robot Challenge and the Make it Real challenge and have been having some, well, odd experiences with the prizes. 

I've received all of the Robot challenge prizes, plus some. I was sent an extra pocket oscilloscope and arduino uno! O.o
That's about $200 in extra loot and I would think you would like me to return it. I sent an email about this to service@instructables.com last week, but have yet to get a response.

As for the Make it Real prize, I went back and forth with info@instructables.com for about a month and eventually was linked some kind of e-document for me to e-sign. That was about two weeks ago and I haven't heard anything since.

I know you all have had some kind of re-organizing in the prize department, is the dust still settling? I certainly don't mind the wait, but when I got the double prize pack I felt that I should come here and let you know, as this is the only contact option I haven't tried.

BTW: thanks again for the prizes, it has been a huge boon for me. I hope we can get all this recombobulated.




5 years ago

Hello again, just checking in on this. It's been a couple of weeks and no word yet.

Hi Tomdf,

Sorry for the wait, we've been trying to figure out what to do. Thank you for your honesty, this was our mistake and we appreciate you being a stand-up guy. I'll be in contact with you through email this week.

Hey, thanks for letting us know. We sometimes team up with other companies to supply prizes which they ship out separate form us, we ship out what we have in house. Sometimes they arrive at different times/take a while for one portion to arrive.

As for the extra swag and emails sent: you should get a reply from us this week.


5 years ago

Ok, well that sounds like you are saying "keep the extra stuff." If that is the official Instructables response then I will keep it (actually I'll give it to someone else, I don't need two scopes.)

But, are you sure? This level of generosity is baffling! I already feel like I owe you a few hundred more instructables, now I'm going to have to carve your faces into a mountain or something.

Sometimes HQ get spurts of generosity, or even find they have "spare" cool stuff given by random people or sponsors at the last minute.

But, if you're having problems, the best email address to use is service@, rather than info@