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Thanks for a Great Summer! Answered

Hey everybody,

I've been kicking around here for a few years now, posting some instructables and the occasional forum topic, building some things and drawing inspiration from other members, but I'm usually pretty quiet outside of the comments sections of my own 'ibles.

I want to take this moment to thank everybody here for teaching me how to Do It Myself and not be afraid to void a warranty or two.  It has absolutely changed my life and the very way I look at the world around me.

This summer I was sitting outside with a friend of mine and a lady walked by with her dogs.  Like several other people have, she commented on how much she liked the thirty or so sun jars I've got scattered around the front lawn.  I thanked her and handed her the business card I've made for my alter ego (depotdevoid:  Inventor, Tinkerer, Maker, Mad Scientist!).  I mentioned that I build all sorts of things, do computer repairs, etc.  She thanked me and walked off.

A couple of days later I got home from work to find a message on the machine.  It turns out she is the volunteer coordinator for the Science Factory, our local childrens' science museum.  She wanted to talk about having me visit a couple of their summer camps, themed "Insane Inventions!" and talk about being an inventor and a maker.  She said, "That's what you get when you put Mad Scientist on your business card!"

So in exchange for time and materials, my daughter was able to attend a couple of summer camps there and our family got a membership to the science factory so we can go play with all the toys and see shows at the planetarium.  I spent an afternoon and a morning hanging out with eight year olds and building sun jars, talking about the things I'd built, and being told how awesome I was over and over again.  There are some pictures below, sorry there are none of the kids, I was really busy after everything got set up and didn't have time to snap any pictures.

None of this would have happened if I hadn't come across this site all those years ago.  I thank each and every one of you for contributing to and helping build this community.  I know I'm not as vocal as some of the members here, but I want you all to know that I love this website and consider it my second home.

Thank you,

Ian (depotdevoid)



7 years ago

Awesome! Sounds like fun.

Thanks for sharing that. This is exactly what I imagined Instructables would do when we first started it, and I'm so glad it's opened opportunities for you.

. And all this time I thought you were just another K'nexer. heehee . Thumbs up.

Where could you possibly have gotten that idea? Not one of his 25 I'bles has any K'nex association (not even the joy of melting them down for molding into something useful).

and besides, how can a knex'er choose a username that is polysyllabic and have an intrinsic existential meaning?

You know, if my parents had bought me knex instead of legos when I was a kid, I suspect I'd be one of them now (I still play with legos after all). Would that have made me monosyllabic and lacking in the deep thoughts department?

.  The biggest problem with being a super-genius is that the plebes seldom understand one's humor. :P

The second biggest problem is being completely unable to catch that roadrunner.

Sweet - thanks for posting.

What a great story, and cool pictures; thanks for posting it!