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Thanks for the Robot Hoodie! Answered

It just came in the mail. Awesome! (I've mislaid my camera, so unfortunately I can't get a super-snazzy shot of it). This will be great to wear to school.

Thanks again for the hoodie!


Awesome! I'd love to see a picture of it. Oh, and how did you get it?

I'd say "+12", but I know it will never happen.

Kitewife just got one as well (it arrived just after she got back from Switzerland) - I'll try and persuade her to join me in a photo with my own.

I'll do it for you. :)


+17 (we really need to do something more useful :P)


Not again! I was doing this on the make it move challenge, we reached a limit of like 75 replies before it would delete every reply

+21 Lol Lets see if it happens this time!


It was because I guess the limit was 100 and other people were commenting above it, so it was from 75 to 55 to now I think it is 44.

It was dombeef and I who did all of the ones on the Make It Move Challange.


Yeah, it was fun while it lasted!

+35 OMG the comment boxes are getting so small!!!!


Are they on the Instruc-o-store? If not, why not?