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Thanks for the hospitality! Answered

Hi everyone!

It's been a week since Maker Faire, sorry it's taken so long to post this--I came down with some sort of awful bug the day after I got back to Eugene.  I've spent the last several days (including today, my birthday!) just lying around and feeling sorry for myself.

Anyway, I'm starting to feel a bit better this evening, so I just thought I'd say thanks!  I had a blast at Maker Faire, helping out at the instructables booth and meeting folks from HQ, fellow authors, and just plain fans of the site.  It was really, really great meeting you all and seeing the enthusiasm instructables brings out in people.

In particular, hello and thanks to Mikeasaurus, Laura, Quincy, Gregg, Randy, Sarah, and anyone whose name I forgot in the madness that was last weekend, for making me feel welcome.  Special thanks to Christy and Eric for really making me feel at home in a new city! 

The week before MF which I spent working in central California, and the couple of weeks leading up to it that I spent preparing for the trip, were incredibly busy and hectic for me.  It was fantastic to cap that all off by seeing the weird and wonderful sights at Maker Faire, and meeting for the first time in real life people who I had only known previously on the internet.  It really made me feel like a part of the instructables community.

Thanks so much, and hopefully I'll get to see more of SF on my next visit!  I didn't even get a chance to see instructables HQ!



*Is jealous*
I sooo wish I could go to Maker Faire one day!

And the trip from Australia to The States? ...yeah, when I'm older.

Hopefully, as they have one in England now, they'll find enough interest to hold one in Oz :-)

Hopefully; it'd probably be in either Sydney (three hours away), Brisbane (15 hours away), or Melbourne (just too far in general).

I'm set if I can commandeer and fly a jet!

Hey Kryptonite, here's a quick video of some of the awesomeness from the Faire this year. 

I'm not trying to make you jealous, just inspire you to come along someday, if you're ever able to make it over here.

Oh, right . . . thanks Ninzerbean! I'm kind of a bone head sometimes.

No not a bonehead....we all miscue now and then :-)

BH! It does have new meaning if it was a typo or taken the wrong way if read incorrectly. I thought it meant "Happy Beans!"

Yup, you just gotta turn those frowny beans upside down.

I am comment-less - are you feeling OK? Did someone hijack your account? Draw something so I know it's you.

That's OK, at least I wasn't referring to the Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia, which must have had you wondering. I am laughing so hard right now after looking at that list and what must have been going through your head as you tried to figure out the "code". I imagine you are laughing too.

I totally am, and now that I look over the list again I see it says Happy Birthday in internet slang! I'll blame it on this rhinovirus that's been clogging up my sinuses and brain.

And the other funny thing was that I was trying to be SUBTLE by just saying "HB", I didn't even know it was internet parlance.

Hmmm, not an overly GEEKY list though, it didn't include HB=Higgs Boson particle ;-)

Good post, Ian.
You're right, it was really awesome to meet so many great people over the weekend, and Maker Faire blew my mind with all the awesome projects!

It was great to bounce a few project ideas off you, and nerd out talking shop. Can't wait to see what madness you're going to come up with next!

Likewise!  I'm planning on winning that ipad in the LED contest, so I'd better come up with some SERIOUS madness!