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That's weird.... Answered

for some reason, some comments I have made and even 2 forum topics have disappeared for no reason in my 2 days absence from instructables... Do you think that someone hacked my account?

EDIT, now orangeboard comments are missing.... they were not deleted by poster, but i knew I had 100 comments. now it's 71. Plus my forum topic keywords have changed as well as the category...

pics from the missing topic...


Maybe the comments you posted are bad and someone flagged it? You ARE starting to act more like your alter ego ( * cough * coolz * cough * ) and less like radio, you know.....

yes, i see I am. time for the backup for the backup....

Yeah, he did. And was rather annoying. With such a huge negative impact, you can't just act like he never existed.

Let's just forget Hitler ever existed. forget and forgive..

How many jews did I kill?


None, but you are quite annoying when you're coolz. You've changed, but you're a starting to act like him again.....

Careful that you do not become (annoying) like the "person" you describe.....not a statement of fact (yet), but a warning.... People tend to try to discourage behavior, by mimicking it (?) which always baffles me.

I don't mimic coolz. I was only trying to help him by saying that he's Radio now and shouldn't act like coolz again.

And I was not making an accusation :-) but I was merely adding the cautionary warning ;-)

Hey, I'm just trying to Improve his behavior, stating that he shouldn't ack like coolz again, and you call me annoying?

No, I said you can become that potentially. Repeating an action or phrase over and over again, but expecting different results has its consequences. ;-)

I didn't repeat an action or a phrase. If I could remember, the phrases I repeat are just my catchphrases ngeh and meh . Is it forbidden to say those words?

Just warning about the potential

I've noticed people doing that before, it irritates me when I do something someone doesn't like so they start doing it too just so I'll stop.

and yet, many times, that is perceived as "acceptance" of the behavior, so it ends up encouraging it further. It can become a vicious circle.

Yeah I really hate it when that happens

exactly! i would not be to surprised if coolz comes back just because you guys keep attacking him about it.

sorry, i meant everyone else on the second part, not you.

you know why? he is acting like coolz again because you are starting to annoy him. JUST LEAVE HIM ALONE!

Oh, now you're blaming it all on me???? That's not very nice of you, is it? Not to mention rather rude......

Ngeh, I hate chill pills. They killed my brother.

Similar stuff killed two of my little cousins. I preached one of the funerals. What do you say at a time like that ?

Ummmmm, if I was the reverend or something, I would say: " And thus, the evil spawn of satan's fury in which we call chill pills, killed the lovely brother of power. Now, let us wave our fists in rage. "

yes, ive noticed time to create the backup 4 th backup.....

Look, all coolz did was get in some fights, and so now he is Hitler? i never said anything about hitler.

No, All I'm saying is that hitler did bad things, but we don't just forget and forgive him, do we?

and your wrong anyway. i have seen many jews that have forgiven hitler.

Yeah, just like there are some people here who have forgiven Coolz. Not me.

so, you expect to stop coolz from coming back by by just like coolz?

Read below. I have not been like coolz in any way at all. this is what coolz Radioactive said on my orangeboard:

Could you stop replying to me in the knex forums and my old comments from a week ago, please? I know you only reply because you look at my comment history and click on the interesting ones....
How is that doing anything wrong? He never said anything on my orangeboard about me "annoying" him or anything like that in any way. All I did was reply to his comments, like any respectable 'ibler. kiteman, quit repling to mai comments, plz!. No. That doesn't happen.
The only reason I reply to a comment is to either express my opinion, answer his question (OMG...) or correct something he said. How is that different from any other 'ibler?

I second that! You are just being helpful, and yet you are accused of acting like coolz? That's not nice!

That has nothing to do with anything. Are you just trying to start another fight? Really?

no. here is a suggestion to improve the site. put a button on a user's persona that says "block comments from this user"...

Why do people keep dragging me into these things?

The difference is tone - you're both as bad as each other, using complaining, negative words and phrases when a simple "ignore" tactic would work as efficiently.

Agreed, the "Coolz" persona went too far, but was it really worth breaking Godwin's Law to point that out? That just made you look silly.

My advice, as a friend, is to let things lie. At least he tried to make things better. Admittedly, he could have done it more (for want of a better word) honestly, but at least he tried. Constantly referring back Coolz' behaviour is not helping him keep on everybody's good side.

If it's really that bad, talk to him by PM instead of waving your discontent all over the boards. If that doesn't work, try going through a third party as referee (yes, I'm offering). Finally, if that doesn't work, then make an official complaint to one of the Admins.

Radioactive, I know you're reading this as well, the same goes for you.

If you can't play nice, sort it out or don't play at all.

skate, shut up, you have been just as bad as cools.

No, I don't think I will. I have not been nearly as bad as coolz. What have I done wrong? huh? coolz Radioactive told me to stop replying to his comments because I was... umm... what was I doing wrong? Replying to a comment? Is answering questions or correcting or expressing my opinion forbidden? Not at all. If I can't express my opinion, then you can't express yours either. So delete that last comment or shut up.