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The Assassins Creed Hidden Dagger Answered

Altair ,the protagonist of the game Assassins Creed has a hidden dagger attached to his arm which is obviously spring loaded, but he unsheaths it by pressing a button with his pinky and retracts it with the same. I wanted to know if it is possible to make such a contraption and how it would work just to satisfy my curiosity. There are a number of videos on youtube but most of them are gravity driven or do not give any explaination so I'd be obliged if someone helped me out with this.


Exactly, but according to the makers of the game say that stuff actually existed + if im not wrong, someone actually managed to make one. As per the legal issues - I dont want to make it, I just want to know how it works.( it could be modified to help in some sleight of hand tricks)

No, I watched an interview I down loaded from Xbox live about the game(as I'm equally interested in the hidden dagger as you are, it would appear)and the lady who thought the whole idea up(who was quite hot by the way)said that where certain aspects of the game are very much true(leap of death for example)and others are entirely fictional like the dagger(she said to make the game more interesting), plus apparently according to her they had to cut off your middle finger, which I'm not really willing to do. Good topic though, I was going to post something similar myself. I was thinking maybe compressed air to propel it outwards, but then how would it retract? Also have you ever seen those telescopic batons you can get? You have to really smash them off a hard surface to get the buggers back in, so you could stab something with it if you sharpened the head into a fine point and secured it to your arm, just getting it back in though.

Yeah that lady is hot but i was thinking that maybe its partly gravity driven so that when he press the button it falls out and gets stuck on some sorta hook and when he presses the buton again a spring pulls the dagger back or something of that sort.

u guys have good ideas like urs for example but i made one that was gravity driven and i found out that u dont really need the button to make it come out as much as u need it to go back in i mean ive been pondering the same thing as well and the same types of assassins are still around but ive been thinking what if when altair pulls his hand back the blade slides out gets latched onto the sides of the slider and when he presses the button then it goes back in because the gravity driven one i made i can sling my hand back and push forward and the blade stays out. Pondering it well im thinking that may be just maybe when the button is held down it pushes a latch which stops a gear that has maybe like rubber rope or sumthing to that matter that have loops at the end attached to each end of the gear when the gear is hit it pulls a stopper on the side of the blade up thus propelling the blade upwards then when the rubber rope or wutever is bunjeed into it slips off the other rubber part is already attached by how long each rubber rope is until it reaches the top then it is pushed into a crevace stuck until u r ready to use it again but the gear has to have enough ends to make sure that after it pulls the blade up it resets in the same position but you would need a winder for another gear so that it could make the other gear move i mean it sounds simple enough but the clockwork idea is good but what do you think of mine

What about CO2 driven to go out, and spring loaded to return?

sounds reasonable but were trying to figure out how to make one with out a source of forced energy which ud have to replace

Ok, I gotcha. Probably the best you could do would be a spring to open, that disengages when the blade snaps into place, followed by a weaker spring to close it. You'd have to reset it after every open/close cycle. Anything beyond that (short of clockwork, or motorized) would be approaching perpetual motion, which is obviously a no-no.

whats ur e-mail ill show u what ive come up with now in designs so far

My email address is 11relpke@gmail.com Can u send yr designs so far. Thx

I'll check it out this afternoon. Leaving work. Home to bed!

Double acting pistons, get a little construction kit for pneumatics, it's actually really easy to make a piston that goes back and forth, sounds like a machine gun, in this case the piston would come out the full way, hit a reverse flow valve so the same button returns it, or you could use a lever valve that has two directions, flipping it with your pinky, which would be easier but not as authentic...

Extremely late reply to this but I am actually going to attempt this. Pneumatic was the first thing that entered my mind. I hope someone does have luck and get's this made and posts the blueprints!

I've been trying to work on a sleek design for one of these using the same mechanics of a double-action out-the-front knife. They basically work with a single spring that works in both directions against the blade and is held in place with two spring loaded latches. I'm working on shrinking this.

If your this far down the page then CONGRATULATIONS you are now desperate enough to hear my idea.

Me and my friends are huge game nerds and have been trying to perfect the hidden wrist blade for a while. We have progressed from a scrap metal vambrace and the blade housing duct taped to it, to a model that ditched the vambrace by spring-loading a curtain rod tied down with shoelaces and secured with a plastic buckle clip.(I know what your thinking and we both want you to do it :)

The problems with these was that they wouldn't retract or would jam. The newest model that I have been thinking of would be entirely electrical. A small power supply could power a motor geared to the blade. Releasing the blade would be done by wiring a switch through the fingertips of a glove, straighten your hand, complete the circuit, and the blade shoots out. As long as the motor dosn't lock up without power an elastic band could retract it back into the housing.

I would love to do this myself but i lack the materials. If anyone would like more information on this or does it themselves please message me, I'd love to hear any suggestions on how to improve this mad science project

so i see this mechism would be cool as a hand gun as well

The knife may go out fine but if i stab somthing wont it retract?


9 years ago

OO! OO! I KNOW!!!!! there was a video i had seen a while ago that i though was good for this:

just add a small dagger to the end and your all set. its even spring loaded!
if you look at the exact design of the dagger, its essentially the same thing. your only problem will be finding a a way to retract it using a different mechanism.

 i've done that, xD following this same exact tutorial, i've derived it to add a dagger, and you're good to go. Know, just lacks a retracting mechanism. any ideas?

the only thing that comes to mind is a small motor with a string on it. you simply press a button on your hand and it pulls it back.
Problems: it will retract slowly.

 i've done that, xD following this same exact tutorial, i've derived it to add a dagger, and you're good to go. Know, just lacks a retracting mechanism. any ideas? I'm in mexico and surprisingly found thati reduced the total cost to less than 12 USD xD gonna put um some pics later, and thinking bout an 'ible

There is but one answer: MAGIC

perhaps magical gnomes...?

I don't want to back Magic into a corner . . .

Well...i scoured the internet...for all info on the dagger..and the one thing i learnt was....it cant be done...atleast in a purely diy style...lots of custom parts..gears....springs...etc..so..i think im gonna let this go for a while...

There's a design for a set of wolverine claws around here somewhere, mod them to use one blade?

I made one out of a tape measure that id unscrewed and replaced the tape with a string attached to a pocket knife. when I move my wrist so that my hand is perpendicular to my arm like he does in the game it pulls the knife out of my sleeve and then the spring in the tape measure causes it to go back into my sleeve when I relax the position of my hand. idk if this helps at all but thats the only way I was able to make one.

That is quite an idea....how exactly do u get it to well, for the lack of better terminology...unsheath the blade?

I've been thinking about this for such a long time and its driving me crazy. I would want to make an exact replica, with a real steel blade and everyone. Getting it out and back in silently is my problem, if anybody knows of any way to do this or has an idea which could help me, send me an email. cnrwlt22@aim.com

i was thinking about pneumatics for a long time but what i had thought as yet was that the button that is activated is a pneumatic switch that pulls the blade out and so on but then the fact that he uses his little finger which i doubt would be strong enough to push it, also concieling it would be a little hard considering the lack of space. I couldnt answer any earlier as i was on vacation in oslo and didnt get the pc for long...so my humblest apologies.

If it extends and retracts t the touch of a button, then a real-world version would need power at some point.

Otherwise, it could spring out after being pushed back in.

Caveat: spring-loaded, concealed weapons fall foul of many weapons-control laws

But if the police don't know about it, then it doesn't exist.


what was that film.....? John Anderton Pre-crime thingy, really, really dumb....?

couldnt someone (in theory) make a dagger with a piece of metal on either side of the blade, bigger then the opening of the handle,attach a spring(1) to each of these pieces of metal and to the inside of the handle (so it extends) and a longer spring(2) attached to the bottom of the blade and the inside of the handle unit thingy at the bottom so when the knife is in the out position spring setup 2 has tension, when tension is released, spriong 2 recoils and brings the blade back in. sounds reasonable.

That was somewhat the same as I thought. But kiteman's clockwork idea is also feesable. What i was thinking was that the blade does nothing but retracts and comes out which is controlled by another rod attached to a gear, this gear can then be attached to a tension spring so that when he presses the button the rod falls into space but when he presses the button again the spring pulls the blade back. So in theory it could be partially gravity driven.

Except that it is a perpetual motion machine, and thus will not work - you need to add energy to the system to recover that lost in operating the latching mechanisms, to friction, and to the internal heating of the springs. Maybe clockwork...

Dude one word 'READ' my comment.