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The Assault Umbrella Answered

This umbrella is so tough you can stand on it, destroy scary watermelons with it and even use it in a bit of self-defense. Apparently these are used in the Philippine Secret Service who are happy with their $180 umbrellas.

Gotta love the video, though. Seeing this guy take out the watermelon in what seems like a serious parody of Gallagher is awesome.



Now terrorists have a new weapon that's completely (what's the word?)

Yep and it killed him, well the Ricin actually killed him the umbrella just shot it into his leg...(( Ya Ricin is not a new 911 weapon the US would have you believe ))

they don't check for it? there are so many holes in security, yet it's still so uncomfortable *goes off to start forum* there are, however metal-detector-looking-thingies made by G.E. sniff for drugs\explosives by blowing air at you...

It was used in 1978, well before GE developed there drug / explosives detectors ... And there is even holes in GE's systems, but why would you want to make a weapon designed to kill some one that can make it past GE's drug and explosives detector? (( and there is new X-ray equipment on the way which will find just about any thing, I know it can tell the difference between regular coke and diet coke while the cans are packed in a suit case full of junk ))

also the difference between purell and liquid explosive, from what i've heard. i've actually seen the things in some countries, but they're not regularly used. ps-i haven't been able to start forums or groups for some reason, do you know why???

They are proving them at some airports... and they are learning and building databases for new models.... So it won't be long till they are every where, but they could just use a proven third world security, they toss all the bags out ont he tarmac and while you go to board the plane you point out your bags and they load them into there containers, So if there is something there your flying with it ..... And I haven't ever started a group so I don't know why, and some times the forums have keywords that can cause a delay until a member of instructables can look it over and dis / approve it (( Or so I've heard, so please don't quote me on it ))

k, thanks, but it happens no matter what. for beijing olympics, they just use the classic sniff dog, i went there a couple weeks before the start of the games.

Try it! I should make an instructable on it...

Breadsticks from Olive Garden that were placed in a fridge for two weeks. Those are harder than titanium sometimes.

I can see it now...

Man wakes up in the morning, late for work. His favorite suit is at the cleaners. He walks outside it's raining and has to grab his *um-buh-rel-la-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh*. Twenty guys attack him and his beats them.
What else could go wrong
Leaves starbucks "I ordered el maximo grande and got a small!!!"

'"and has to grab his *um-buh-rel-la-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh*."' AAHHHH! THAT SONG IT IS MELTING MY BRAIN!!!!!! that is a weapon in and of its self lol

yea, right! xD

i thought it would be more of a KGB umbrella that shoots poison darts

rain stopper no more! it's a crime stopper now!

I hear there are hundreds of street criminals only too willing to shoot or stab you in the Philippines and that all most people have to go and learn street combat to try and stop themselves getting killed.

Meh. Good enough. Swords are better.

make the cloth out of Kevlar, and I'll be impressed - double awesome (and yes, i know at that thickness it wouldn't stop much - it just has to stop more than your shirt would - it would also partially obscure your profile if, say, someone was shooting at you)

The Penguin from Batman approves.

Poor Watermelon. (not) That is one serious rain stopper

the biggest problem that i can see with this is that i've NEVER broken an umbrella in half....they always break when the little doodads on the ends of the arms separate from the arm or tear through the fabric or the arms invert themselves and go all squiddy... i'm sure you could seriously hurt someone with any standard umbrella

yes, but can you slice a watermelon in half with a regular umbrella? O_o

JeeZow! I'd like to see a little umbrella aikido demonstration.


10 years ago

All of a sudden, the guy in my gym swinging two umbrellas at the heavy bag makes sense. Sort of.

He looks like he is about to knock off an art museum or something. I expected that thing to at least have a sharp point at the end. or fire poison darts.


I can see it now; a bunch of tough guys in suits surrounding the president, all holding umbrellas on a perfectly sunny day. We must shade and protect the president!

He totally did not look like he was enjoying that. I would totally love to do that! I want an umbrella like that.

Maybe the watermelon was supposed to be his lunch...?

What? No sword hidden in the shaft? No secret zip-gun in the handle?

Goodness me, just what are spy gadgets coming to these days?

All you need is a little Ricin and some 1978 ingenuity ........

No freaking chance! :) I WANT!!! I thought it was a gun or something. What is it made of???

Holy crap! That is a one strong umbrella!

I've seen these one some self defense sites before...they mostly laugh at the idea =]


10 years ago

I would not want to get on the nerves of a guy who has that umbrella on a rainy day.

hooollllyyyy s***
that is one badass umberella