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The Best of Instructables Has Arrived Answered

My copy of Best of Instructables Book just arrived! All work here at Instructables HQ has essentially stopped, so if the servers go down, send me an email or something...

The book is softcover and the same format as Make Magazine, except around twice the thickness.

There's also a thank-you page listing projects and photos that were submitted to the book, but were cut due to space limitations. Sorry we couldn't fit everyone in, but we still wanted to give you a shout-out. Maybe you'll appear in the next volume?

See the latest news about The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here.

Order The Best of Instructables Volume 1 here!



9 years ago

Have any of you contributers received your copy yet?

Just got it today. Thank you so much Instructables. It's an honor to be featured!

Me neither... :(

I've almost died every day when it hasn't come. I really almost died on Friday, when I held a large white heavy envelope in my hands. I was elated! It's here! It finally came! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA-

That mail isn't for you, it's boring papers for someone else.


I've had so many NDEs with this, it's ridiculous.

The instructables book is killing me!

I thought it had arrived today - big white envelope, return addressee one E. Wilhelm...

It was only the knitting book I won in the craft contest.

Kitewife was pleased, though...

Hahaha, that happened to me last week. Not that the knitting book was bad - it's actually quite lovely... I just really want the Instructabook!

Oh! That's even worse! Come to think of it, I'm expecting two books from Alameda...

Pardon my spelling error. If only I had access to an 'edit' button...

Gah! Every time somebody posts to this thread and it pops to the top of the list, I think; No, it bleedin' hasn't!

. Yes, it has! Mine came in today. :P


Yayzorz! That only means mine will come either tomorrow or Thursday!

I repeat, through gritted teeth...

No, it bleedin' hasn't!

. Did you say something? I was reading my new book and wasn't paying attention to the conversation. Mea culpa.

. You should read the intro to the Science section. The guy that wrote it did a great job.

. Depends on how long long is. A full page with generous margins.

. The whole book is very good. I translated to paper much better than I thought it would.

i see a typo, 3rd line
kiteman you should see this, you would flip If you see what this guy saidnot really

I may grow old waiting for it...and Kiteman...poor Kiteman...he might as well just will the book to #1 and 2 sons, 'cause he'll be long gone by the time it gets to England...

That's exactly what I think! Except for the bleedin' part. Weird British slang...must remember not to use any nouns, vowels, verbs or idioms when I go there...

Wow, it's arrived, I can't wait until it arrives at my door, I really want to see it... Plus after some talking to the teacher I can pretty much fill a unit of my media course with 'ibles stuff, the book being a finishing touch, granted the contest had to be put as if it was a proposal to yourselves...

You can't? What are you going to do while you wait for the book to come to your door?

Twitch while shakily stepping to the door to pick up the mail every day until it comes... Actually I have a few things to build and work on...

I've done worse...

(waiting for the Maker Faire this weekend)

God, I sound like a walking ad!

but i thought they said there were legal issues when doing that outside the country...

oops, i must have misread then...

Ireland is not China ;-)
my apologies to any that live in China, I meant no offense

Where it might be hard to get certain "information" to the people. China would be one place.....I was being a little sarcastic....I am sorry.

uhh... have you ever been to china? they're not like that anymore...

Possibly. I believe a different view may have been had, by the rest of the world during the olympics especially. Internet censorship etc.