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The Fastest Reply in The History of Instructables! 6 min before the comment was posted!!!!!!!!!! Answered

i just recorded the fastest possibly proven reply on instructables.
now, i know, many others have probably done this too, but haven't recorded it!

so, i'd like to see some of your shots!
try to prove you have commented faster than me *but you can't prove it*


killerjackalope has just made the fastest possibly proven comment... *not a reply*


i replied to goodhart SUPER FAST!!!!!!!!!



9 years ago

I have seen -5 minutes ago on the forums

i'd really like some proof... i know it's true, but it would be cool to see for myself...

Please try not to bump older topics. Thank you.

Why? I personally am very against that policy. If they want to bump it, what's the big deal? It does nobody any harm. I hate when people get all annoyed at the bumping of old topics. Why do people care?

Plus with a name like "Bump-us", it seems like he is calling out for old topics to be bumped!

more to the point why has bumpy taken a personal war upon bumping... Some topics get dug out of the grave many times and it's not an issue...

I know! It just drives people away. I personally have left sites after the admins barked at me for adding something new to an old thread. I don't need that.

Ive actually seen a comment that was posted a day before the instructable was published no lie

That is not the fastest one, there have been ones where the reply time was less than 30 secs........

I did too

i saw the forums main page, goodhart posted 0 seconds ago

You didn't reply to Goodhart 6 mins before, that's not a reply.

Wow, that is fast, now, why do I often see -# often?

There have been many instances of replies posted before the post to which they were a reply.

That's happened to me many times...

This was commented on my orangeboard... Got you beat...


I've seen 3 second replies before. And no, I don't have proof. And no, I won't get some.

meh, I've seen -time replys