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The Future Of Knex Guns? Answered

What kind of guns do you foresee in 1, 3, and/or 5 years? Where do you think that the hobby of knex gun building is heading?


A year later, I would say that the future of knex guns is in storable, removable energy sources, increased efficiency, semi and full automatics and shotguns. I also stand by my comments from 2010.

I think that knex guns will eventually cease to improve. But will also grow in popularity. I find it likely that they will become as well known as airsoft and paintball.

Eh, sorry, partner, but I think you were wrong about the popularity remark. K'nex is far less popular recently than it once was. Just look at the forums. For the longest time, the front page was filled at least half way with posts from one day while now only the top 2-5 topics will have posts from the current day.

It's silly, we still have yet to see what I talked about over a year ago. Well, we sort of did the repeating shotgun, I had an idea, went with it, and it had a lot of potential to improve if someone worked with it, but people let it sit there. So once I can be bothered to, I'll make the next repeating shotgun I wanted to earlier this fall.

I STILL have my fully auto sling gun idea sitting in my head, and I've went around like a Jehova's Witness preaching it to people, but no one can help.

I don't have any new ideas, we really just need to focus on making guns have more firepower, either through shot ammo or rapid firing. Ultimately, the best weapon I could imagine, though very complex, would be my fully automatic sling firing shot that could be recharged by pump action.

Yeah, you may be right about the popularity considering the trend, but there's still the possibility that it could get big because new people are always starting.

Well popularity might go on and off over the next few years, I don't think it'll ever be as good as it once was. The thing is that it was once relatively easy for someone to get into K'nexing and make something close to as good as what we made. For example, KK pistols were easy as crap and dominated for a long time. Then our standards kept rising and rising until it was hard for newbs to keep up. Instead they learn to just build what we make without much desire for making their own things. Or if they do, they learn that simplicity (from the NAR and TR that everyone pushes on them) is best and not innovation. I don't know, I hope it picks up again.

And yeah, if you could come up with some designs for the concept, that'd be great.

Yeah, you're analysis of the community is totally right. I hadn't thought about the stuff you brought up. That makes me want to do something to promote innovation. Although I suppose I already am with my Knex Concepts. But that's bot getting people to think any differently. I wonder if there's anything we could do to cultivate interest in innovation?

Yeah, I've got my brain so used to generating ideas that I got one for part of the mech within 5 minutes of you proposing the idea to me. I don't normally think anything of it but at the moment I've just realized that that must be fast. Doing all those concept drawings really helps. I'll post it when I get it and some other ideas down on paper.

Yeah, I did something some while ago to try stimulating the community. I gave off a bunch of ideas and tried to get others to participate. It made a few ripples but no waves. And then we just kind of died down again. It's tough, we need to try attracting a new audience. The only way I could see doing that is if we spread the hobby to other websites. Show off videos of what our weapons can do and see who would be interested in learning.

Secondly, perhaps this seems a bit trivial but perhaps a simple and unbiased guide to K'nex weapon designing, not just weapons in general but actually showing all the tricks on how you can connect pieces such as the black hand on white rod trick and sticking green rods in connector gaps to hold layers together etc., general constructions like the yellow block body, different barrel constructions, etc. And then also add to the guide concept developing to help those who have an idea try to build it.

Thirdly, we should open a general request thread to see if anyone wants to accepting a challenge, perhaps hold a contest on who can build a new concept? Maybe keep it simple, we all attempt the same concept and whoever's works best wins. Then we can focus on perfecting one at a time instead of going all over the place.

Any other ideas? Hopefully by getting some more newbies, the overall activity will help keep who we have here interested and active in the community. The newbies will go over all our builds again, tell us what they like and don't like, etc. Then with the help of the guide, we can hopefully fast track their skill development, breed innovaters instead of just plain builders.

That first idea sounds good for creating growth.

The second idea won't affect innovation much, but it will make people pick things up faster and produce quality guns. So that seems like something that should be done. We have so much knowledge of knex guns now that we need to be educating new people to keep them up to speed. They can't do it on their own anymore.

That's a great idea. We should do that one. And we should get all of the best members to be collaborators to make it highly respected and a very big deal to people. To really work, we'll have to make it well endorsed and well organized. Shall we start a competition to build my SSSG concept? It's simple enough for anyone to make, but could be made more complex if for example a mech was devised to prevent rounds from falling out the front from gravity.

Yup yup, so have any ideas where we should spread to? I guess we could first attack any website that has a K'nex section in any way. After that, I really don't know. This is longshot, but perhaps if we picked a Youtube celebrity (yeah, good luck), see if they'd actually be interested in K'nex gunning, get them to build something and show it off, the fanbase would multiply by tenfold at least.

Yeah, that's the point. Before you can walk, you must learn to crawl. So if we helped newbies move along faster, we'd get them into the innovating stages sooner.

Indeed, I figured it'd be best to save it until we increase activity in the community though. Like, we should draw back some vets first by creating some activity with newbs. But then, we could constantly be holding these contests which in itself might draw back people while we do the other two steps. So yeah, let's go for it. And that concept is perfect. It's actually incredibly simple at its core but it could be customized and improved as saw fit by all the builders.

Would you mind operating the innovation competition considering that I'm organizing the database? I think we'll be more productive if we share these jobs among multiple members.

Alright, though I figured we'd both be doing both considering I was also going to be heavily monitoring the database. I wanted to make sure it didn't turn into another biased guide of "this is what a good gun looks like *links to own gun*" and people saying what they think they know about gunning. I was hoping to make it an entirely objective guide.

I'll get to work on both, though I think I'll save the contest for a little bit until we can get an idea of how many vets will still be around. Perhaps I'll just mention we'll be holding another series of innovation contests, give the format, see who would all be interested.

Thanks, and O yeah, we'll both be working on both but I just wanted one to host one and one to host the other so that for neither of us the responsibility and focus isn't torn between two projects and one ends up falling apart.

About being objective, yes, absolutely. I'm only asking the best and oldest members to collaborate with us on it but maybe I should make that it's supposed to be objective explicitly clear to people.

Okay, sounds good. Do everything you can to suck people in psychologically, make it seem like a big deal, and get them interested in it.

Well, that's why I wanted to do them in steps. Actually, I should've said we should make the guide priority above all else. Get that finished. But I think we'll be able to do all three simultaneously without too much trouble.

Yeah, just had to specify because of your "add anything you want" part of your message could be taken a little too literally. I say we all start by attacking our own sections of gun building. For example, I figured I'd do barrel constructions and give examples of almost every type of barrels we've come up with for normal ammo. Then there'd be magazines (for all the most popular ammos and then the different variations for the same ammo), handles, etc. Of course we'd have an introduction and then all the more advanced tricks too.

Yep yep, will do. I just wish I had a proper prize to offer. I do have some survey money I'm waiting to receive. It'll be awhile until it's available but I'd be able to transfer $25 directly to a paypal account. But then that would be for a big contest. I'm just gonna start off with a series of smaller ones.

Yeah, okay, let's focus on the database then.

I'll have to clear up any confusion as it comes up.

I wonder, should we just stick to one large instructable/guide instead of the multiple pieces thing you got going? It'd be easier to manage one thing and just let everyone manage that one thing instead of trying to keep track of every little piece. Or, I almost wonder if we should start a Wiki. KI had a half-hearted attempt at making one but nothing too serious.

Also, I figured we could do some videos for demonstration as need be. Definitely have one for the introduction. I'll hopefully be able to start on my parts right after Christmas.

I don't know code or how to make websites, but if you or someone you know could start a wiki that would be awesome.

Yes, a video in the intro is a good idea. Maybe we could record a hello from all of the members working on it and edit them together in the intro. "Hello, Oblivitus here", "The Dunkis here", "Killerk here", etc.... Then write down some stuff to say and edit in each of us for several seconds per person saying a part of it.

You don't need code. There are plenty of wiki hosts. I decided I'd set one up on wikispaces. Someone claimed Knex.wikispaces.com already, though, but it's a personal wiki and doesn't actually cover K'nex, so I'm just gonna name ours Knex Building, because we are focusing more on the use of K'nex than K'nex themselves. I don't plan on adding pages for pieces or the history, or personal K'nexer pages (I feel like everyone would feel like they need to add a page for themselves, which would get annoying eventually as everyone tries to feed their own egos), etc.

Sign up to wikispaces.com and let me know what your user is (I'm assuming you're sticking with Oblivitus). Then I'll invite you to edit the wiki. At the moment I'm keeping it private while we and whoever else we trust work on it. There's plenty of work to do including customizing the look.

Okay, nice. I just read up on the pricing stuff for it. So you think we can do what we need to on there with the free version? Sounds like it'll be enough for a while but we might have to move up to a paid version eventually, which I wouldn't want to do, but let's start one anyway. We could always get someone to design a site for us for free in the future when we end up needing more space. Then we could transfer all the information to the new site and keep adding.

Why name it Knex Building? This is all about knex guns.

Just signed up. Yes, my name is Oblivitus. Let me know when you start the wiki.

The only thing we'd have to worry about is the file size not going over 2GB, which probably will be a problem in the future, but it should work for now. I could always design a website myself if I wanted. Hell, we could rip the coding from Wikipedia and edit it to have a K'nex theme if we wanted. All we need is a reliable host for the web pages to be uploaded to. Free ones usually have unpredictable downtimes. A payed host and domain usually is like $5 a month, which isn't bad at all, though something I'm not gonna spend at the moment. Maybe we could open donations on the site as well, don't know who would offer anything, but it wouldn't hurt. And then if we must, we could have ads on the site which can usually end up paying for the whole thing depending.

And I know, I was thinking maybe K'nex Weapons or something like that, but I figured that if we did ever wanted to broaden the scope of the wiki, we could do that, but we wouldn't have to and the name is general enough it doesn't really matter.

I'll see if I can make you a member now by adding a username. Else see if you can somehow search up the Wiki and request membership.

Yeah, I was concerned about the 2GB max too. Let's start it anyway.

About the name, all right, that makes sense.

Can you send me a link please? I can't find it.

Alright, I figured out how to invite via username, didn't know it was tucked away with the invite by email too. Though it might just send you an email. Either way, you should have the invite and can immediately start working on pages.

Okay, thanks, found it. I'm working on the visual design now.

I just started that database, added you and several other veterans as collaborators and sent all of them this message:

TheDunkis and I have decided to make a database for knex guns. You have been invited as a collaborator. The main purpose of the database is to quickly get new members up to speed on knex gun building which is becoming increasingly difficult for new members. Whatever you can provide to it will be greatly appreciated. Just add whatever you feel like, but make it cleanly done and easily understandable. We'd like to cover every category imaginable, from mechanisms to building tricks like how to snap specific pieces together. TheDunkis and I find this to be important to the future of knex guns and the preservation and growth of the community.

Thank you for your consideration,


Yes, about the pump action repeating slingshot, that's an excellent idea, I definitely want to draw some concepts up for that.


6 years ago

Well I was thinking of a mech where the force of the pin firing would pull back the pin again

i think i do... Im working on the concept now. Its a brand new design, and it should really make some changes in knex warfare.

I know now that more replicas are sprouting up- Heck I'm even working on one myself.

Lets see. Some of the greatest innovators like solekiller left so we'll be coming up with interesting ideas at a slower rate. The KIers are obsessed with simplicity and practicality instead of trying something new and wild and improving it. I think eventually bolt action will improve to make it a little more able to compete with turrets. We have yet to see the removable turret. I'm also thinking rail pin guns will start to be more common. Think of a turret gun that would use the entire body and stock for acceleration. Combine Lt. Licorice (correct name?) and a TR and you'd have one hell of a weapon. We might figure out how to make RBGs guns fully automatic while still being controllable. I had an idea floating in my head but could never be bothered to trying it. Repeating slingshots haven't been all too common but they would be a neat weapon. Again, I had another idea floating in my head but now I don't have the pieces to try it. We still lack decent repeating shotguns. I should really make one unless someone wants to do it for me. Yeah I could make that paragraph even more annoying to read but you get the point. We lack a lot of things we could probably have made already. I should probably start making concept threads like Obl, just so I can "claim" all of them.

Lt. Licorice (correct name?)

No, I think it's Sargent Pepper (the Beatles song), lol. Just kidding, it's called Sgt. Gumdrops.

I should probably start making concept threads like Obl, just so I can "claim" all of them.

Burn, lol. That's not what I do.

I did like your first idea however, I think I'll claim that one. Would you mind deleting your comment? Lol.

That was Mepain's though wasn't it? For the dual shot crossbow? Solekiller made just a simple rail pin gun that was pretty long (so originally it was going to be something like Pvt Johnson for kicks and giggles) and fired oodammo. I know, I was joking mostly. It's just that I worry when one of my secret ideas or something I just never bothered saying ends up being claimed by someone else. For example, I made the horizontal magazine gun after your concept came up for it but I had the idea since before it. Such is life I suppose. I can't be bothered to mention all of my ideas though there are a lot that I won't be able to build and would like others to try. Yeah I'm thinking one of the best guns would be a dual rail pin that goes as far into the stock as possible with a large removable turret that would let both pins shoot from it. We've got little bits and pieces of that weapon in other guns so just mash 'em together.

I'd like to add your ideas to Knex Concepts if you'll only explain them to me (you get the credit of course).

I see no point in a repeating turret, you can't carry them around like a magazine because of their size and shape, and also because of the amount of parts and the size of the ammo.

You mean a removable turret. They already repeat. There is a point which is quick reloading but yeah they wouldn't be too fun to carry around. It would be possible though. You could always have a reload station set up or something and it'd be for the sake of convenience to just need to swap turrets. My other idea was to make a speed loader. For rods all it would require is another turret except with a giant paddle to push out all of the rods at once. It would be a little trickier for oodammo however.

thats the main reason i go for the 8 shot turret, it has a far shorter reload time.

Rofl...because you can't load an 18 round turret with just 8 shots or however many you have enough time for?

I think it was because the 18 shot doesn't have a ratchet mech, so you have to wind it up.

Or just use a ratchet mech. Insert ammo and turn the ratchet to wind the turret as needed.

Zak's sexbow/turret bow is a railgun and turret combo.

never-mind that first post ill just stick with a reliable semi auto for a first

@Oblivitus - After reading your comment that they will grow in popularity like airsoft and paintball, I completely agree people will find that there are a lot more options and ability to customize more than just sights and lasers. But I do think that they will never stop getting better and better, just think about the musket and the mid 19th century. They all thought that it couldn't get much better than the Kentucky Long Rifle but alas it did, now we have high caliber automatic rifles hitting targets 600 yrds away. And to see how much the K'nex guns have advanced in just a few years its very surprising to see simple block triggers transform into complicated mechanisms that chamber the next round. I really do think that K'nex guns will continue to improve and it will be very interesting coming back to this thread in 5 years and seeing if our predictions were right or if we blew past our previous expectations.

A mag fed slingshot

DUHHH, maybe look at what knexfreek has made..

Ooooh! I want to go in the future and find out! lol, maybe, good semi-autos? Guns that do burst fire? Really good shotguns? Possibilities, possibilities...

A motorless, rubberbandless, Full auto :) Well thats what we ALL dream of.

That wouldn't work. You have to get the enery from somewhere, so where would the energy come from then?

How would the energy regenerate? With each shot, you would lose energy due to some other force, because perpetual motoin is not possible. If you made a design that only used a little bit of the spring's power each shot, you would get less and less power each shot. It is impossibe to make a full auto that has the same power every shot without a motor.