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The Grand Knexpert Tournament (TGKT) Answered

The Grand Knexpert Tournament has started. The first challenge for all of the contestants is to make a knex gun. Yes that's right, just make a knex gun. Your gun will be judged by power, reliability, ease of use, and looks. You have to have an instructable or a video for your gun. In the video you have to demonstrate the power, ease of use, and reliability. Slide shows and forum topics are not permitted. You cannot enter a knex weapon that has already been posted, but you can enter one that you are designing right now. The top 8 will move on and the rest will be out.


Your gun has to be entered by November 10th, 2008.

How to Enter
Just post a link to your instructable, slide show, etc.

REVISED List of contestants

1.TheDunkis [ENTRY]
3.I_Am_Canadian [ENTRY]
4.Jollex [ENTRY]
5.Trauts [ENTRY]
6.Bakenbitz [ENTRY]
7.Dutchwarlord [ENTRY]
8.The Jamalam [ENTRY]
9.S0lekiller [ENTRY]
10.Katarukito [ENTRY]
13.Darth Gecko Man [ENTRY]
15.Oompa-Loompa [ENTRY]
16.Viccie.B1993 [ENTRY]
17.Dutchj [ENTRY]
18.Yerjoking [ENTRY]
19.Bartboy [ENTRY]
20.Shadowninja31 [ENTRY]


When is the deadline for the next contest?

So, everyone could participate? I know it is already over, but I was just wondering.

I played a flute XD

to give you a real answer. I'm not sure but most likely it will go on a simple check out and vote system. Jollex if I may make a suggestion we ought to have people just vote for like 3-8 entries and the eight with the most votes go on. It is only the first round so lets not get too complicated. Make a deadline of like three days. Should we let others outside the contest vote? Most likely some of the haters will kill the two of us. But you just know they'll take offense if we mention that.

No, because it will be very biased. I am going to set up a rating system that me and one co-judge will use to evaluate all the entries.

Sounds good. Please do not be biased. Who is the other judge?

I won't, and I was going to ask you to be co-judge.

He lives in france, so he was up till something around three. I was only up to 11'o clock

Just cause I live in France doesn't mean you have to make fun of me. *SOB*
Just kidding

i thought that the canadians speak english and french, and jollex knows both

Like this dude. Never been here, eh? Thats what it sounds like.

Lol nah most Canadians at least where he lives sound just like Americans. Check out one of his videos. Some are in the french areas so they might have a french accent when speaking but I've never listened to any. And then stereotypically they have some strange accent where they always say things like "eh" and "doncha know" and sometimes "oh ya you betcha"

attack_of_the_gnomes@hotmail.com Don't ask, I was about 6 lol.

I added you, mine is alexjolly5@yahoo.com.

American's say umm and uhh more than Canadians say those things
and don't forget from ages 12-18 they say some other words...

Yeah, do you? I cant write it that well though because well here's my life: France: Age 1-5 New Jersey: Age 5-12 France: Age: 12-13

Bonjour! J'habite à l'Angleterre, à travers la mer! By the way, you speak (or type) English better than plenty of the people on this site, but I suppose you did live in New Jersey for over half your life... You still have an American accent I notice.

I guess. And I think that people who learn english as a second language actually can write it better than those who english is there first language.

you cannot start a sentence with And. that is called syntax error

You shouldn't start sentences with a lower case letter either. Owned.

Maybe. It depends on the individual usually.

Actually it makes sense because people learning a second language are more likely to focus on doing it correctly rather than using slang and stuff like that that people having it as their first language do. I found this out in spanish. Some people who actually speak spanish at home didn't do some part right because they purposely don't speak it 100% correctly.

I suppose, Sometimes you get a little sloppy with your native tongue, as you said, slang.