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The Human Machine Answered

It isn't that long ago that explaining human physics and behavior was imagined by copper etching. This picture seems funny to us now. But 100 years ago this was the way to explain the functions in the human head. I found this picture in an old book and I want to share it with you.
This is nice for silkscreening or transfer print at T-shirt or any other surface. When you want High-Res 2208 × 2732 and 300 dpi let me know.


Just wondering if the "Private Secretary " part of the brain is what
controls fantasizing? :)

There is a stairway down from the private secretary to the reflex actions room. What reflex actions do they mean? Is it something like the subconscious? Something you don't want to know.


4 years ago

Wonderful picture!

I like the air conditioning plant.