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The Inspiration Topic Answered

Hello. I have no idea how you do it. In a good way, I am jealous. Some of you can become inspired by relativly nothing and make something amazing. I on the other hand, have apparently a medical lack of inspiration.

Maybe I'm just lazy. I know its not imagination, because once i get somethign it flys around doing everything in my head.

Enough about me. I know you love me, but maybe later, okay? What I really created this topic for is for thse of you like me, and the rest of you. Post particularly amazing and inspiring things. What i mean is, artistic-wise. Post things that would inspire someone to draw/paint/aret-create, something amazing. Who-kn ows, besides +10 Karma for you, maybe the creator will love you long time?


wow, you must need a really steady and to do detail like that ship, its great :D

A steady hand (mine isn't so much anymore) and a good eye (my eyesight is fading too)....sigh But thank you. Some of my best pieces were wolves I did for people that asked for them.....they were both a challange and a lot of fun.

hahaha that rules me out, shaky hands
the wolves one is really good, i can't even draw, let alone do something as difficult as that

Well, if you can sketch, you can learn to do pyrography. Thanks concerning the one wolf I made....I had a few others I'd done that were much better, but sold them before digital camera's were around...so no pictures.

ok, thanks for your help :)

their really impressive works of art! :D

The above comments are all usefull ideas but YOU need the "spark" that lights your fire, external stimuli nurtures your interest but there has to be a connection to give you inspiration. Are there things around you that you have done and are pleased with or proud of, no matter how small? Are there things you wish you could have done better? Make an Instructable, following the checklist, and show how you did it, or show where you went wrong and what you would have done to get it right.
I believe that once you start "something' It will lead to more creativity. It can be daunting to see how clever some people are but it's often the smaller ideas that appeal to a broader audience. Good Ibleing.

In my case it's not really a spark, I usually see something I would like to improve (in my daily life) and then think about it (use google, to see if something similar exists and make some sketches). It's more a process; I always have the best ideas when I have no time at all to execute them, that’s why I write them down. The best way to get ideas (or to solve problems) in my case is sleeping, apparently I’m extremely good in coming up with ideas while I’m sleeping (I can think about something the whole day, but find the solution in my sleep). The hint I would give to you, that always worked for me is: relax! You can’t force ideas, go through life with open eyes and you will see inspiration everywhere.

"....that's why I write them down...." I have a very useful device, a small personal digital recorder, I picked up on sale that I keep with me at all times, so even if I can not "write" I can record ideas.

good idea, i often get my best ideas whenever i can't get my hands on a piece of paper and a pencil, so maybe i should do the same

The one I have is about the size of a cigerette lighter....quite handy really.

Your comment reminded me of an anecdote about a chemist Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz who went to bed one night after trying to figure out the molecular structure of benzene. That night he had a dream of a serpent biting its own tail. When he woke up he had the solution to his problem. 

I so agree, "you can't force ideas". Speaking for myself, I have more ideas than I have time for and I some times lose confidence that my idea will look good. This holds me up sometimes. Apart from that, I have heard that it may help to not aim at anything for a few days, but walk in the park or on the beach, go to a museum, go swimming etc. When you feel re-energised , try again. I often ponder about the amount of creative talent contained on this marvelousep site.

As far as "Spark" I think it all comes down to "What gets you excited?" When you see something that gets you energized, don't just say, "I like that." and be done with it. Take it one step further and make something with it.

I also think there is something to be said about "The Programmer's Stone" notion of mappers and packers. I think that mappers are more creative because they see connections between things and exploit them.

Pyrography: burning pictures into wood

wolf picture2.JPGPicture 1861.jpgPicture 234.jpgPicture 231.jpgPicture 214.jpgPicture 225.jpgPicture 226.jpg

Thank you. It is harder to do now that my eyesight is starting to fade (I've alsways been near sighted, but now I am having difficulties up close too).

Thank you. I really should have taken a picture of the "holiday" one I had of santa making out his "list".....the detail I had in that was something to see...but it got sold and I didn't take a picture of it. :-(

the ones you have pictured are amazing! how does one burn images into wood?

Great works of art! Did you make these?

I burnt them into the wood, yes . TY I wish I could still SEE well enough to do the detail anymore.

ah quite a good idea indeed
i can "dictate" to my laptop but its OK with moving around the PC (eg "open my documents") but can't understand what i say to type
so maybe i should get a digital recorder for taking notes :D

Here's a velociraptor I'm working on, not finished yet but it's about as close to amazing and inspiring I'm likely to get anytime soon.

By [URL=http://profile.imageshack.us/user/quietimanes]quietimanes[/URL] at 2012-02-17

If the above doesn't work, this link should, can't attach the image from my images here...rather annoying.


There is a good video about the relationship between creativity and play.

I wonder if anyone has done a study on the corolation between creativity and anxiety? Some of the greatest artists (of any genre`) have exhibited that tentative "walking the line" between losing one's self and producing great works. I know I am most creative when I am on the border of being anxiuos....

Maybe you are experiencing "flow". Some investigation has been made on the subject of flow and creativity. Maybe your anxiety is your trigger/motivator to engage in any of your creations.

I've read some about how "driven" people like Van Gogh are, and how they walk a line between anxiety, and what some people think of as mental illness, and creativity, especially in those suspected of having Asperger's. (BTW: I can't get your link to work "flow").

The link is to wikipedia. I have read about famous artists driven to creativity by their mental afflictions like writer Virginia Woolf whose depression helped her write beautiful prose.

When I inspect the element (source) I get this: "<"a rel="nofollow"">"flow 
for the link. 

The link I found here l,   says:   To be caught in the ennui of depression or the agitation of anxiety is to be barred from flow. 

Wherein, when I am mildly anxious, I tend to be fueled for creativity.  

I'm glad that I am not fencing with you because that would have been a touché.

:-) I really am not trying to argue though, just make sure we are on the same page. It may be different for Aspies though. It may be what fuels the creative engine as it were.....tis hard to say.

There's a theory that pretty much all the learning and socializing we do growing up in society these days hampers our creativity. Reforms the brains function. Theory follows that severe suffering, chemical imbalance (drugs, alcohol), etc, can "break through" this training and allow us to connect with that part of our brains that thinks outside the box. It's interesting to consider, not sure if I believe it.

There is a good TED video about how our school system kill our children's creativity. Sir Ken Robinson proposes changes in the school system. 

It is understood by those of us in the Asperger's community, that imagination depends on at least 2 things: number one, the ability to think outside the box, and #2: some information required.

What I mean is that, most children with Asperger's have difficulty with imagination, at least, at first.  What is "not real" is no considered, because it can't "be real".  So, from a very young age, they must compile facts:  once enough facts are compiled (as with Einstein) one can then rearrange them in fanciful ways, and imagination takes control. That is not to say that this is the case in NT children.  They seem to be able to imagine many things after only learning a few things (after language is developed).  In both cases though, without the information constructs, whether bare minimal or when a lot is needed, information is still necessary.  One can not imaging the need for a space suit if one doesn't understand the "vacuum" of space, etc. 

Good Video....I like the stuff TED does.

One way for inspiration is to find an object and copy it. Consider looking at an animal and draw it, or look up a bookshelf and build one of your own. I made these things from a game item, and tried replicating it. I ended up with my own original design for an origami model. But why stop there? Try moving beyond that and try different methods of construction. I moved on from my paper model to a metal one, which I am proud to show. Don't worry if there's a time of dry ideas; if it comes to that, repeat stuff to keep busy and to fine room for improvement.

Here's my results of creation. See my Instructables if curious. Hope it inspires people!


7 years ago

Here are seven ways I get inspired:

1.Reading - books, short stories, magazines and Instructables!
2.Surfing the web - search images for things you like and see what other are doing.
3.Movies - watch ones that have stuff you like. If you like animals watch one on animals etc.
4.Go through your old sketch books, I often find something that triggers an "Oh ya, I was gonna make that a ..."
5.Go to the local art museum - nuff said.
6.Go to the library - see above.
7.Go for a walk with your sketch book and draw what you see, you may not see anything that inspires you now but that drawing may be just what you need latter.

This is by no means complete, but it will get you started!

I'm very fond of a quote from a U2 song

"Every artist is a cannibal
Every poet is a thief"

I taught this to my son and his art has just exploded in detail and skill. This is what it means to me and it's how I get my inspiration.

Every artist is a cannibal

An artist takes apart what they've already done. They examine it and taste it. Every line, every brush stroke. They eat up the sweet parts and make them come out in their later works. They also taste the bitter. The parts that didn't go right, how could they make it better.

Every poet is a thief

A poet (or artists in general) absorbs other artists work. Looks at what shines in a piece and takes it for themselves. The goal isn't to copy the piece, it's to emulate the technique, that one detail that makes the difference. The goal is to sample widely, different media, different artists. Over time you develop your own technique that you can call your own.

But that's just the technique reading. Most of my inspiration comes from reading science papers but the same quote applies. When you see something that excites you, take it, then transform it into how you would want it to be. Now layer something else that you like into it. Make a layer cake of things that excite you.

That's how I get inspired.

Songs by Laura Veirs are very inspiring. They have out-of-this-world lyrics and amazing rhythms!