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The Judging Criterion Originality n instructables contests? Answered

I saw that there is judging criterion of originality in the instructables contests so , IfI take inspiration from other projects and execute it in a different way does it fulfil the criterion.Like if I Make a LED throwie talkie in a different way like if I use a different microcontroller  and different coding


Yes, as others have said, you can enter if you give proper credit and make actual changes to the product or process but unless your changes are substantially better you will probably have a hard time winning over a project that has no peers on the site. If I were judging between a modification of an old design and something I had never seen before chances are I would choose the new item (assuming similarly polished write-ups etc.).


5 years ago

I ask the original author for permission and give credit...


If you add your own "spin" to a project, and credit your inspiration, that's fine.

If you just slavishly recreate another project (or, even worse, copy the text and photos), then that is *not* OK.