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The Lovebox, Laser Projector, Dirty Soap... Answered

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Dec. 20, 2007

Welcome back!

Don't forget to enter the Homemade Holidays Contest! Share your homemade holiday gift ideas through an Instructable, a Slideshow, or a Video, and win great prizes from CRAFT magazine!

Check out these cool instructables!

LoveBox - The box of love
Put your electronics knowledge to work by making a special present that delivers a random message of love when it's opened.
posted bymatsengonDec 18, 2007
Rubens Tube Yule Log
Make your fireplace dance along with the Christmas tunes by putting a classic physics experiment to good use.
posted bybofthemon Dec 17, 2007
Cool Wave Ring
Learn how to make a cool wave ring from scratch, or many other kinds, with these clear instructions and helpful videos.
posted byhydemetalson Dec 13, 2007
Dirty Soap
For the friends that have dirty minds and good senses of humor, this is the perfect stocking stuffer that makes soap fun again.
posted byfungus amunguson Dec 15, 2007
Chocolate Peppermint Bark
Dark or semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate, and crushed peppermint candies. What could be easier?
posted bycanidaon Dec 8, 2007