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The Map of Metal (music) Answered

I forget whether I'll actually get this to post, but here goes:
Takes a while to load but is worth it.


Brilliant, covers a massive range! Good find.


Someone needs to do that with Techno. XD

Sure, as soon as there are 28 hours in a day. :-P

It's a breeze to load with me (even on my crappy dorm connection).

Very nice Lemonie, thanks for the find. I can further expand my music library now :D

Takes a while to load...


...yes indeed!

(starts up Spotify to listen to Deep Purple)

The categories are interesting.
(Master of puppets just finished)


Ah, appears that each song is being pulled from YouTube. No wonder it's a hog to load. Surprisingly fast, though given my spotty Intarweb this week.

I'm not even much of a metal fan and I like it. Well, except for titanium and assorted alloys...