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The Mark 1 Railgun - "Punisher" Answered

I have finally finished my new gun, I am keeping the design and most of the statistics under wraps for the moment, but If you PM me and ask nicely I will send you a picture, the one piece of information I will tell you is it uses the massive #109 band


picture and real video are now posted below. that is the only picture I have uploaded the rest of my pictures are in the trailer video, and just so you know the trailer video has been on my ob for a few days now =P



7 years ago

Cool knex instructable. Pity I had my hopes up to get something that would work in real life (i.e., a REAL rail gun). Still, thumbs up to the knex players, lego builders and meccanno lovers out there who "invent" from the day they are 5 years old.

screw knex, grow up and learn some electronics and stuff. guyyyysss, i just built a time machine out of knex, a rubber band, and even some legos! it shoots a clock 2 feet! yayyyyyyyy :P

Screw electronics and stuff, let out the kid inside you and make a gun out of knex.

duuuudesssss, i just built a 5000000000 volt generator and shoked myself! i had to go to hospital OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGGG


Time for a k'nex generator. Fusion of wins = a win.<br />

or how about you grow up and do something worthwhile with your time
get a job
build something to sell
build something as a senior project
invent something to enter in a nationwide competition/club like TSA, Science Olympiad, or Siemens.

and btw your comment was idiotic, but you wouldn't know why


BTW, My comment was a parody of your comment, in case you didn't get it.

haha, your a funny little boy, have fun with your toys

I don't like how there's a bajillion and 1 "BEST EVA KNEX GUN SHOOTS REALLY FAR!!!!@!!" but k'nex itself is not a bad thing.

well it's definiteley coming off as being really lame with all of those headings and stuff

Only the noobs do that.  We look down on those guys just like you do.

also what angers me is at this time, 45% of recent form topics are knex...

I do know how to use electronics, my dad is a qualified electrician, I also know how to use logic to program robotics or other machinery, Im 15 that means I am allowed to use knex if I want too.

Im 15 too, which means that I'm aloud to use high voltage and other machinery and program AVRs and such ;) I'm sorry, I just really hate knex stuff :P

Anyone can tell me what to do, It's getting me to do it thats the hard part. -logic boy


8 years ago

BTW: What do use ammo-wise?


8 years ago

Ah yes this is somewhat better than that pistol... 

so you see what I am talking about, but personally I prefer a GOP15. the gun in the picture is 22 yellow connectors long, the version my friend now has is 50 yellow connectors long, he sais he got it to fire over 350 meters, although I am not sure I believe him.....

 I would find that hard to believe: that is almost 1000ft!


8 years ago

Someone looking for attention?



8 years ago

I don't like it. It looks like it's bent at about 5degrees. Massive problem.

I bet he did that on purpose. The tension from the rubberbands would only straighten the barrel up.

No. Good idea, but no. Look at the picture, it's cocked, and it's still bent!

He only has 1 band on.... Put more on and it will be straight.

not at all, its because most of the weight is at the front, so it is sort of leaning foward, it is no problem at all, Its degisn means that it can bend fowars a bit but it cannot ben up, therefore holding a lot of bands

Eh. I still don't like my weapons bending like that. But I see your point.

I did read it. I am tempted to PM you for a picture and post it all over the net. But then again,


I meant that even if you ask for one you are not going to get one