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The Name Escapes Me Answered

I was digging through a pile of old stuff the other day, when I found an old toy I built. It is made from a wooden dowel with notches in it and a propeller at one end. When you rub the notches with a stick (a secret way), the propeller spins, and can change directions allmost at one (with the secret). I think it's called a Huwie stick? I'd hate to make on iBle on this without knowing the name!

Also, I need to know if these are spelled spelt** right:
Roy Rogers and Shirley Temple
They are also my next iBle.

**Ha! Take that, Goodhart! :P



The title of this forum reminds me of a song.....LOL

. Today, I had dinner with my Mother and Aunt. They both have Alzheimer's and, since my surgery, I'm not much better. We spent a lot of time trying to guess what each other was trying to remember. heehee

You had surgery?! On what? Are you okay? Why didn't you tell us?! We didn't get you a t-shirt!

. I had open heart surgery 7-8 years ago. I "died" on the table and haven't been the same since. . You can still send me a t-shirt, if you like. ;)

>Phew< I thought you had another one! Aw. :( How so, if you don't mind my asking?

Aw. :( How so, if you don't mind my asking?

It is standard procedure.....they pump your blood through a filter, etc, and then they MUST stop your heart.....oxygen, etc is added by means of machines, so you are not breathing either.....essential...by appearance, one is dead. ;-)

No, I meant, how was he not the same...I know about the surgery... :)

. Mainly an inability to concentrate for very long. . I can easily recall song lyrics from the '70s, but can't remember if I fed the dogs or not.

Oh my mistake (sincere apologies), I don't know about him, but it changed MY perspective a LOT *yes indeed* Things that were important before become less so, and some things (like relationships on going) become more important....time becomes a factor too.

You want one that opens up in the back and ties around the front with little strings? Take it easy, don't let us yungins agrigimate you.

I've got a lot of folks in my family with slipping memories (mother, grandfather, etc.). The annoying part for me is that I know exactly what they want to say, but I'm not quite rude enough to just butt in and finish the conversation for them!

My father in law has it badly, but he has not gotten worse for a few months, which is a good thing. It is hard on us though, since his wife died, and he keeps asking about her. He was at her funeral, but doesn't remember she died. To put him through the morning process every time we visit would be horrible, so she just can't "come visit for now". *sigh*

Me? I have my moments.....but I really recently discovered how good my memory is, when I actually exercise it.....I was showing a fellow at work how to balance a chemical equation (he has been out of school for maybe 6 years, I have been away from it for over 33 LOL) as he couldn't remember the process. Still, I will walk out of the computer room, take a few steps, and think to myself, "where am I going, and what was I going to do....." *sigh*


10 years ago

Cool! Looking forward to the drinks Instructable. I bet Kiteman will know about the spinning stick. ;)

I'd post a picture, but the computer is acting up.

Canida, are you from Canada? (Probably, yes, I'm braindead today). When I traveled to Canada and asked for a Royrogers, I got some kind of orange drink (Orange juice + Canada Dry ginger ale?) compaired to a coke with cherry syrup. I'd like to include the Canadian version in the Instructable.

I don't know if this has anything to do with the name or not, but Canida is a form of yeast infection. It is also in a city in Ottawa

Yea, I knew as soon as I posted that he wasn't from Canada.


Stop assuming W'burg! You're making an ass of u and me! </corny pun>

I can assure you it has been updated since I got married.

I haven't looked at that page for a while - I think there have been a few changes in status (somebody is using his real name instead of his user name, now that he has a flashy title).

Who's the somebody? And everyone on that page has thier real name >_> Also, Geo Homsy's thing is messed up, its indented...

I meant Fungus - he used to be on there as Fungus Amungus, not Ed.

Not an assumption, I thought that I had seen it somewhere.

I thought I had read/heard somewhere that it was your maiden name. I didn't just assume that.

The assumption came in when you thought you knew what you were talking about LOL but that's ok, we all do that (to greater or lesser degrees ;-) .

But I didn't the "isn't" and "?" indicated that I thought it was her maiden name, but wasn't positive.

Oh, and I assumed that she meant it as: because she's married, she changed her name.

<0 , > v <0 . > < . 0> v < . 0> You do know I am just joshing around, right ? :-)

o'course...one think I don't know is what <0 , > v <0 . > < . 0> v < . 0> is supposed to mean...some kind of faces?

yes it does, which is why I laughed (not AT you, but because I missed the obvious ) :-)