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The PDF download does not match my Instractions? Answered

I  published an Instructable.


I then made some changes to it and saved it.

However, the PDF file when I download it does not match what you see on the screen.

Also, the format is all screwed up. It comes out in two columns which I have never seen in any of the Instructables that I have downloaded.


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tomatoskins (author)2017-12-13

I manually updated your PDF so you should be a 100% copy.

Please let me know if there are any other errors in your PDF.

Troy (tomatoskins)

Community Manager

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bennett2198 (author)tomatoskins2017-12-13

The first two pages are all wrong.

Page 1 is almost blank with no table of content
Page 2 is in two column and the text is all out of sequence. The last two paragraphs in column 1 go just before the last paragraph in column 2. Plus, the text at the beginning is continued in the second column and then flips back to the first column. The - - - - - - - - - - - - - line is split between column 1 and column 2.

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iceng (author)2017-12-13

I changed my


over a year ago and those have been incorporated into the PDF that I just down loaded.. The rearranged format does included my changes...

I remember an HQ comment that it takes some time to update a PDF...

Perhaps you can try again in a weeks time or ask Sam seamster the nice Community Manager what to do..

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