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The School Forum Answered

Well, its basically a forum, for school posts... Post it up! :D


Get made fun of every day... only a few friends and most of the kids are d-bags in my school..... school= HELL HOLE FOR BEING BULLIED :(

School is absolutely the most suckiest, ****ed up place in the face of the Earth. I mean, most kids doesn't even wanna go to school, but their parents force them, and they are forced to pay so their children will be forced to do something they hate?! I mean, let's see it this way: There's school, and work. Work may suck too, yes, but at least you're getting PAID for work, whereas school, your parents have to PAY to do something you HATE.

Seriously, dude? That post was dated over a year ago, around a month short from two years even. I don't even remember posting this in the slightest bit before you brought it up, but I digress. I was much more immature back then. Granted, I do not like school very much even now, but I have learned to accept the fact that education is important and that certain aspects of it can actually be somewhat entertaining. My logic and overall ability to reason has improved a lot over the year-and-11-months, allowing me to view the world in a much more mature perspective. Long story short, I agree that education is an important part of life, but I would have to address the fact that your logic is somewhat flawed. First of all, my parents wouldn't have let me transfer to a public school if I wanted to, I come from a moderately wealthy family with somewhat high expectations, and they are not the type of people who will settle for a public school when they can afford something better, but there's no way that you could have known that beforehand, and that's perfectly fair, I just want to lay out the root of the problem with your statement (not your logic, mind you). Second of all, being the snobby brat that I was even if I were to be transferred to a public school, school is still school and I would have still hated it, and you of all people should know that that is the basis of the rant above that I wrote two years ago; the whole payment deal was just some extra bit of logic and reasoning (flawed as it may be). Good day.

K, then. I kinda feel sorry for ya, cause as far as i know, public school is better than private school, as far as being tolerable. My friend went to a local private school (i almost did too, but i begged my parents to let me stay in public). From what my friend told me, apparently they just have stricter rules and more homework there. Sorry :( maybe you could convince your parents to let you go to public school, you still learn what you need to, not that big of a difference from private school.

I never said anything about wanting to go to a public school. Unlike American public schools, Indonesian (I live in Indonesia) public schools are pure crap and most of them look like those bomb-damaged schools in places like Iraq. Well, maybe not as bad as that, but I think I've made my point.

You need education to get a job to live... And I actually like school...

Your parents force you..... Right........ Well Obviously your parents are smart enough, did they go to school or something? it shows

Don't care. I'm already making 4000 $ in total selling weapons to my friends and their relatives, and school wasn't a part of it in any way.

then my advice is impossible to carry out

What do you mean by that? ( P.S: If you're wondering, the " car " isn't a School Bus. My own car )

the school buses here are cooler

Nah, my car is cooler. It's a Ford Everest. It's got a TV, DVD player and a PS2, a feature school buses doesn't have. And besides, school buses are for losers who only got one or two cars at the max which is used by their parents :P. And besides, I like to sharpen my sword in my car. How am I supposed to do that in a school bus ( or any public transportation for that matter ) ?

our school bus has a tv and dvd too *sigh* and I only use the bus so we save gas(Turkey's gas prices are more than the whole world) and its free

Meh, people have different opinions. I prefer my own car, you prefer the school bus, it's your life. And tell me, how am I supposed to sharpen my sword in a school bus?

Mine don't force me, I am aware I need to attend b/c it betters me for future events, I just deal with it.. Its kinda...like.......I'm.....TURNING INTO AN ADULT!!!! AAAAAHAAAAAGHHHHHHH!!

Quick go binge eat all the Oreos you have!

I won't. The best possibility is I learn to deal with it . But I will never like school.

Why do we have to learn about history? It's just... basically... story telling. It's already done. History... ALREADY HAPPENED! So why do I NEED to know it? If I want to take it? Fine. But why should I have to? I'd rather take another Biology class... I love biology...

Those that fail to learn from the past are DOOMED to repeat it

Uhh, don't worry, I'm pretty sure i won't go off killing 6 million jews or creating another civil war because i didn't study history for the amount advised.

Hah! I have local history, its very interesting.. Also we go on one field trip each week, to a different local landmark.

my school messed up ......................i like it

SCHOOL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

they take away all your time and dont leave you enough time to post knex guns!

Yeah I have that problem too. I really can't get my true trigger automatic FQZ-71BZX posted in time.

Why the hell is everyone saying Roflol?

To Radioactive:

dude, cut it out, what is wrong with cutting school to post knex guns? i also want to explore the whole town too, you know................

Because you need to sort out your priorities if knex means that much to you.

dude, cut it out, what is wrong with cutting school to post knex guns?

We're not Knexers you know. We don't like K'nex, and we ( at least me ) only think of it as a lowly children's toy, so it's only natural for us to laugh at you because you wanna cut school to build toy guns from toy building blocks.

shut up, i am tired of this. i have a new policy. if someone laughs, insults, or otherwise insults me, i reserve the right to spam, swear, and insult any parties involved in mockery of meh

Holy hell. Cool down, satan. Feel free to spam, swear, and insult... but feel free to be banned! ROFLOLMAO!

shut up, i am tired of this. i have a new policy. if someone laughs, insults, or otherwise insults me, i reserve the right to spam, swear, and insult any parties involved in mockery of meh

*Sigh.* Jeez, learn to take a joke... Your reply to whatsisface's joke was pretty funny, which is why I was laughing alongside Bumpus. Your reply to me was hilarious in the fact that you obviously fell for his joke hook, line, and sinker, and had no clue what was going on. We regularly poke fun at each other in the forums, just roll with it and have a good time.

lol, the disadvantages of internet sarcasm.......... if you think i cant take a joke, Keith-kid reported me to the admins after i failed to rickroll him! some of my personality is serious, which also explains why i get into trouble when i try to pull a joke off

shut up, i am tired of this. i have a new policy. if someone laughs, insults, or otherwise insults me, i reserve the right to spam, swear, and insult any parties involved in mockery of meh