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The Secret Service is Calling Me! Help!! Answered

Hi Friends,
Recently someone has been calling me on my cell phone about 3 times a day saying they are the secret service from a private Caller ID. It is someone from my high school. I think they are using a spoof card because the phone number is blocked or the white houses number. It is really starting to piss me off and I need some help. They have called about 7 or 8 times in the last 2 days. Its really annoying. I called sprint to see what they could do but all they said was that I would need to contact local law enforcement to put it to a stop. The worst part is they are not only wasting there own and my own time but they are also working away at my phone bill. So, I need your help. What do you think I should do, contact the local police and get the perpetrator(s) arrested for impersonating a government member or should I try something else such as taking the law into my own hands (phone trap/ back spoofing)
Thanks for all your help.

Joe Rowley


Answer it and reply (your town) police department, whats your emergency? Insist that they called 911.

I did that once, but I was doing the pranking and said that they called me. But I'm pretty sure its a felony to impersonate the police.

Is it a felony to impersonate a dispatcher? They are not usually police.

It might (since I am not a lawyer) depend on intent, also.

thats gotta suck.

i think there a program that you hook your phone up to the computer and the callers number and phone info is stored into your comp.
if not that then theres always "bitpim" its a program and it shows all your history and stuff of calls received and sent, i think it unblocks numbers.

do they engage in conversation?
if so then when they call:
them:"hello, this is the secret service calling(or whatever they say)
you:Really???? whats wrong??? am i in trouble?????

then see what they say. if they say that you are in trouble
you:"for what????" or "why..." or "on what basis?" or "you cant do S*** to me!!!! im un touchable!!!!!!!"

. Do like I do; if I don't recognize the caller/number, I don't answer.

Yeah, but Joe might get money if he sues....

. More trouble than it's worth. Whoever is calling will probably get bored in a few days and stop - sooner, if JJ doesn't answer.

The problem is that some of my parents friends are psychiatrists and they have blocked caller IDs, so i don't know if it is the prank caller or somebody for my parents.

. If they are MDs, they should be smart enough to use the "deactivate CallerID blocking for this call" feature (*80?) of most phone systems. My ex was only a PhD Psy, but she figured it out. . Use Call Return (*69) and harass the harasser. I think this will work with blocked numbers, but not sure. Try it and see. This will probably only encourage the culprit. . Hang tough for a few days, whoever it is will probably give up after a little while.

. Oh yeah. Don't say anything to the caller. They want you to react. Just hang up.

fyi, here at least, *67(phone number) will make your number appear as private on their caller ID.

That reminds me of all the things my friends and I did on the way back from our volleyball game... Some people called a guy and was asking him about his surgery. The surgery he never had.

Do you have the service that you can set that you will not accept "blocked" numbers ? If so, set it, and have those you know just "temporarily" unblock their numbers when sending to you. The other person will not unblock and harass or you would have him/her dead to rights.

out of curiosity... why would your parents friends be calling your cell? i say you hunt down the person and castrate them. that would be a good example not to prank call you. honestly, i think that you should do what nacho says. if they continue to call ask sprint for a new number or file a report with the police. theres not really much else you can do. legally anyways...

I like the idea about castrating them. I think i am going to set a trap on my line which will give the callers address!! My parents friends call it sometimes because it is a local number and my parents cells are not.

Hunt 'em down in the real world, because it must be someone who knows you, then string them up by their short 'n' curlies. :)

It's your cell? You think it's a "friend"? You need to turn detective:

Get a new simcard and number. Borrow a phone to hold it for a few days.

Tell one friend your new number, ask them not to spread it because you're avoiding (insert random strange person) who keeps texting you. Tell them you're old number is still OK to send texts to. Don't tell them what you're doing.

Every couple of days, tell another friend - when the "secret service" start calling your new number, have a sharp word with the last couple of "friends" you gave your number to.

i had the same problem and my friend told me to do that and the dude ended up bieng a kid a despised that was friends with my friend

or you could just say 911 whats your emergency? Thats just saying some numbers and asking if this guy has an emergency.


10 years ago

Maybe try not answering any calls for three days, I don't have a mobile so it sound quite easy to me, but I would say don't answer, even if other people (legitimate) phone, you still have a right not to answer. (:

...And what about when you find out you just got one of your best friends in trouble? Take it into your own hands.

Actually call the Secret Service and inform them. When your pranksters get a call from the real deal--I'm sure they will cease.