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The Shack Answered

According to this article over at engadget, RadioShack is rebranding as "The Shack" and attempting to change their corporate culture. I wonder if this will be the end of components being available there? Not that I particularly enjoy paying $3.49 for an 8 cent LED, but sometimes you don't want to wait for it in the mail.


Yeah, and they do have a nice little assortment of PC boards at a decent price (for small projects)...I would hate to see the few components I can get locally when needed, go away altogether :-(

"Cuz The Love Shack is the little old place where we can get together" sorry an old song is stuck in my head from the stupid oldies station.

Anyone remember Tandy? L

Of course....I still have (somewhere) a Tandy TRS-80 COBOL compiler on floppy (back when floppies were floppy ;-) and my CoCo II with matching tape player and floppy driver :-)

And the group noun for COBOL programmers is....? L

Hmm, either anachronousorarchaic?

An array? No, wait, that's C-like language programmers. An OCCURS ?

Dude, they killed them several long time ago with me. All they have now is junk and fetishes. No more cheap 555 or LEDs, housings, boxes, which now I buy on line and find that shipping is about normal for gas money and I get the right part at low cost. Some I get bundles, say LED in $.05 ea in 100 bundle. Animal, the shack now and has been bad for no goodies!