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The Touchless iPod Remote Answered


I've been trying to complete this How2.0 project but i've come up on a stumbling block. "Tell the microcontroller to read and process a signal from the RFID tag by plugging the microcontroller into your computer with a serial cable." I've plugged the microcontroller to my pc but i've no idea how to copy over the code.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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puyanera (author)2007-06-06

Hi, thanks for the reply. I've actually got it all working now. I needed to download the code editor to be able to download the code. All sorted now. If anyone else has any questions about this let me know. There were a couple of discrepancies between the soldering diagram and the code that you download. Thanks Ramon.

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Hamish (author)puyanera2009-04-24

Is there a wiring diagram with this project? I see on the popular science site it says "Assemble the Electronics: This step requires some soldering; see the diagram above" is there meant to be an additional diagram? as I am unsure what diagram they are referring to.

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andy (author)2007-05-24

You need to interface the microcontroller with the RFID reader, and then get it to read back the correct command to whatever is on the other end. Different RFID different command. The step you describe, I think, is telling you to program your microcontroller to talk to the RFID receiver. Hope this helps, Andy

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