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The USB ports are not working on my desktop system.? Answered

The system recognizes the USB Ports but when a USB powered device is attached to the USB Port the system stops and hangs. Reloaded the USB drives but the problem continues.

Could there be a problem in the motherboard, If so how to diagnose this fault?

What could be the problem and how to solve?

A. S.  Bhasker Raj



which port? tried with other devices?

tried on other usb ports yet?

if working on other ports except front panel? check wiring with mainboard menu on the wiring.  e.g.
+VCC, -D, +D, GND

try inserting a thumbdrive into the PC and on it. Select boot menu / bios page?
does it show up? if not, it maybe defective.

Any USB device, in any port, or just one (which)?


Sounds to me like the over current protection in the USB hardware is failing or it's regulator is insufficient to the task, having been hit with a damaging load in the past. I've seen the same symptoms in several computers over the years, as well as in its parent source, the old "com" ports. sometimes they get humped, and once damaged, they may be recognized by the system, but they fail to do their job.

It is also possible that the load you're connecting is the culprit and is presenting a short circuit to the USB source. Have you tried plugging another USB device in to validate the suggestion that its the source?

If you have, your best bet *may be disabling the onboard USB and purchase/install a new USB add-in card. They're not terribly expensive, although I realize it is inconvenient.

Sounds like the USB-powered device is drawing more power than your machine can supply. Change devices?