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The Validity of Astrology Answered

So today in one of my classes we talked about the practice of astrology and how it supposably affects us. My teacher didn't tell us to go and relie on horoscopes on how to live our days. I was just wanting to hear some other opinions on it. Personally i'm still sort of reluctant to accept it, not sure why but... Just ya know post your opinions on whether you think this really old practice is BS or is worth taking a look at.


i like that debunking... astrology is BS, now i'd better get ready for a debate with the debate teacher who believes this C-R-A-P.

he only two celestial bodies that have a noticeable affect on us are the Sun and the Moon.

And you forget Earth and asteroids too ! =o)

. The true worth of any theory/law is it's ability to make predictions. Eg, using Physics, we can predict what will happen when we crash one metal ball into another. I have yet to see any astrologer that can make verifiable predictions.

I can just see the horoscope now:

A man sitting in prison reading: "Today is a good day for travel, go out tonight and socialize"
Hey Slides, get out your hacksaw and put on a dress, where bustin out a here tonight!


To my knowledge, there is only 3 celestial bodies that have a direct and proven influence on us : - sun - moon - earth (oh ! I forgot asteroids !) Now, about all other celestial bodies, we can't deny the fact that they emits energy on us : light and gravity. But does it have an impact on our behaviors and destiny ? I don't think so. Their light and they gravity are too small energies compared to those from earth, sun and moon. Is there a connection between the position of stars and our behaviors and destiny ? If there is, then it's just a coincidence : Position of stars are synchronized with the position of Earth around the sun, and thus, with the seasons. Can seasons have an impact on our lives and our destiny and our behaviors ? Yes, I think so. Also, History is a sequence of events. Each of those events is the result of all the previous events. Is there a connection between some events and the positions of celestial bodies ? If there is one, you'll have to prove it. Last question : Have horoscopes an impact on the life of their readers ? Probably yes. Because it may impact their morale. But reading bad news in the newspaper may also have a bad impact on the morale of the reader .......

i read them, but its more to pass the time than anything. i really don't believe it. BS

Absolute, utter, total BS.

How exactly can the gravitational pull of Mercury affect your love-life? Let alone that of stars that are thousands of light-years away?

Plus, pause to think - current astrologers will happily talk about the effect that Pluto has on our lives. Why wasn't the effect noticed before astronomers discovered Pluto?

Astrologers are frauds and con artists.