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The "What are you working on?" thread Answered

Well it's getting kind of annoying to go around asking people or just not being in the know of who's doing what so I had the bestest idea evah!!! Make a thread!! Lik ZOMG!!!

Anyways, yeah just post whenever you're making something new and talk about the following.
-What you're making
-What features it'll have
-If and when it'll be posted
-And finally any pictures you may have (not required though)

And keep it to K'nex please. This is the K'nex forum after all so I'd think that's obvious.



8 years ago

an MP7A1.

Uhmmm, I just made an AA-12!

You must recover! Anyways I'm finally picking up my K'nex again for the first time in awhile. I decided I'm just going to fix up the TBAG and have it fire K'nex ammunition. I expect to be done with it tonight so I'll just wait until I have a picture before I explain anything.


8 years ago

i am working on a pump action shotgun
got any tips for me


8 years ago

Barrett 2.0. I need help with a decent mech, I can't make one.

new ogic bow completed and perfected. Toying with three names, Logic bow 2, Logic bow or Illogic bow.

Im going to try putting my F2000  mech into a non-bullpup rifle system.  Probably the ACR because I had an idea a while ago and made a very nice stock and adjustable cheekpiece, but had to scrap it because there was nowhere for the pin to go.   This mech should solve that problem.

SR70A1 MOD-A and SR70A2.

Detatchable barrel that's really strong
Comfy stock
Cool scope
great looks
True Trigger

Will be posted in the next month


8 years ago

Just a couple of days ago I made a knex pistol that holds 8 rounds.
It was the Oddammo one. And the ammunition is very weird.

I'm gonna be making a repeating shotgun which we have a severe lack of. The interesting thing is this one will have a magazine for shells. It'll be horribly piece inefficient though so it'll be mostly for the effect rather than war use. I might make another repeating shotgun designed specifically for war use afterward though.

I thought you weren't able to build piece inefficient guns.

I meant the magazine. One shell will take up a lot of space so, like I said before, it's mostly just going to be for the effect and then I'll make a far more efficient one after.

Bleh it didn't work out so well. The shells I made simply weren't designed to be stored in a magazine. I'll try out the other design. If that don't turn out, I think I'll try an oodammo shotbow, something even better than the last two.

Just make a spacer shell and shove a few green or white rods in it.

Already thought of that. The problem is it wouldn't work without a special ejection system. Only the first piece would shoot and the rest would be ejected out before they could exit the shell. Anyways, the shotbow idea interests me. I know it's not really a good shotgun type weapon but having the ability to fire two rounds separately does appeal to me.

The pin would block the shell from flying out when the ammo was shot.  The pin is supposed to move faster than the pusher.

Then you're not getting max pin use. And actually a lot of the energy is transferred to the shot right away, decelerating the firing pin, making it entirely possible for the shell to eject before it can enter it or, worse yet, causing a jam.

No, what I mean is that the pin would be about halfway in the shell.  The best use of a pin is a pin that pushes the ammo, but starts pushing it near the end of it's line of travel.  I've tried shot ammo with my shell ejecting pistol a few months back, it works just fine.

I think I will make a tactical shotbow v2, much bigger and better.

I made a shell ejecting mag fed pistol one time.  Of course it fired blue rods, but you can just put a few green/white rods in the shells to get shot.

knex ball machine lifts

scratch what I last posted, I'm going to make a far better L Bow.


8 years ago

after exams, ill start on my new gun, the AA-10. Then I will try making a G3. Then, ill make motaboi's intervention.

 I'm making a costume from a children's television programme.  Well, it isn't actually built yet, I'm just planning.

guess wat my first instructable is up

Working on a halo map.  It will have:

• An assortment of weapons strategically placed throughout the map.
• All regular vehicles.
• An indoor area.
• A large outdoor area, preferably grass & dirt surrounded by high cliffs or mountains.
• A small cave.
• A sniper tower and a secret room.
• At least one bump-mapped texture. Very simple process. Instructions here: http://www.earthenrecords.com/bumpmaptut/intro.htm
• At least 600m in size.
• (maybe) Well-hidden toilets.

'And keep it to K'nex please. This is the K'nex forum after all so I'd think that's obvious.'

I posted that just because he didn't say it had to be knex only in the topic above.  It was my joke.

Apparently categories don't mean a ****ing thing to you then, huh?

I quoted that from this topic ;)

He may have added it afterwards I suppose.

im gonna make a knex universal docking station. it can hold nintendo ds and dsi. it can hold most game controllers(not the wiimote) and at last lpods.it is going to be posted soon:)

I think that I'm going to make a type 05 or an L85A1. We will see what it gets (which ever I build) as time goes on.

I'm going to convert my F2000 into an L85A2 when I've posted it.

I'd originally intended putting the mechanisn into an SA80 body, but then I thought the F2000 was easier in several ways.

You should still try; I may not bother after all.


8 years ago

i havent touched my knex for like 3 months...

Good for you...then let us see what others are making instead of hogging the top of the thread.