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The World's worst Instructables? Answered

Here are the top most negatively-rated instructables (as of 10 Jun 2007):

It doesn't stop falling... -46 it's still the most moronic post on the site (?):

A recent spurt of -ves takes:
Opening up a coke machine to 2nd place with -21

Some +ve rating takes How to roll a Joint ! (if you dont like it don't read it !!) down to -20
To tie with:
How to perform your own Tongue Bifurcation also at -20

going up the chart to -18, it's very poor indeed:
making the strongest hand-held laser stronger

-17 and still falling through blatent but admitted plaigarism
Soda Tab Chain

still at -13
Strong light
how to not need to ever type in any computer class again


Previously clicking this link would give you current rankings. Under the new rating system you get unrated Instructables.



this is the lowest rated i could find:

Yes I remember that one, it both sucks and blows.


Yeah, that's the first time I saw that one, tis true though.

what about "scab"

Oh yes I remember that. Another example of the need for some content-control? L

"extreme mini knex gun" has a lower rating than all of these.

umm ow to blow a a snapple bottle with your hand is now -52 lol

wow scratch that its gone to -55 wow what a difference a few hours can make lol

Er, no....but I do forget sometimes and hit the nearest reply rather then the PAGE reply....sorry about that....didn't mean to make you feel paranoid (one paranoid person here is enough LOL).

No it's ok i do that sometimes to.(i'm not paranoid)

wow how to roll a joint is now down to only -13

Yes, that one seems to have got some support after the initial backlash. -13 is nowt these days (I should have a go at updating these. L

there cant be negative ratings it only stays at zero it doesnt go into negative numbers anymore!

Wow, where did How to open a sprite come from?



Yes, I see. Well, this post must stand as a picture of how things were before that change occurred. L

I wouldn't call negative rating equivalent to "bad" -- after all, can we prove the negatives? Or is the negative rating really an affirmative thus adding to it's overall popularity? :p (sorry, couldn't resist) I'll bet the "worst" ones are the ones without rating... After all, someone had to care enough to take the time to give a negative rating. Negative popularity is popularity however you look at it :p

(I don't disagree) I couldn't think of a more appropriate title, which would still attract some interest. Since the highest rated Instructables tend to be presented by default, a big +ve becomes disproportionate. I think some of the above are of interest because they have attracted so many -ve clicks. L

I'm going to guess that you clicked next a whole bunch of times to get this.

Here's a tip (I probably shouldn't share): &reverse=true

I viewed by rating and changed the offset value, to 4185 I think.



Oh yeah. You can do that too.

What about the tinfoil finger skateboard? That was hideously useless.

-3 It might not be very good, but I guess it's innofensive., That is few people can be bothered to rate it. L

Worst =/= lowest rated.

The tongue bifurcation is gross and ill-advised for someone who's still wearing braces, but well documented.

rolling a joint that'd pretty lame and to think i was almost gonna do an instructable for watching paint dry im pretty lame like that but oh well now ill never do it


11 years ago

Ok, I did this, and I got flamed like crazy. I strongly adivse you delete this before you get owned, ____________________________________________ AHAHAHA! There's nothing funnier in the world than watching Sess get owned! xD

Adam Getting Pwned.gif

Lol do you watch XPlay?

Never heard of it, L

It's a video game review show on TechTV in Canada (and G4 in the states). It's really funny though. Those two in the gif are the hosts.

Hehe I watch it too...!

hey i watch that show

Great Compilation! Rolling a joint!! Hilarious!