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The best cheap pocket knife? Answered

Ok, I need you guys help. I want a folding pocket knife that is in the price range of $0-35 bucks. I want it to be tough for every day use and possibly heavy abuse. I also need it for scouts. Can you guys help, Thanks.



Best Answer 9 years ago

I say that the Swiss army knifes are the best. (Just my opinion!)
They last a long time and they have a lot of different blades and things such as a: big knife, small knife, fingernail filer, toothpick, screwdrivver, bottle opener, fork, knife, spoon, etc..., all in one!
Here are some about your price range:
I hope you like this.

I want a knife tha is really sharp, handle through lots of damage, and cheap about $30.

Opinel knives are a screaming bargain. Innovative style, excellent blade , light weight, under $20.

Spyderco Dragonfly 2. Ridiculously light (1.2 oz) but with a much bigger feel in hand. Easy open. Great blade steel. $40, so a little over your price, but quality is superb.

spyderco endura 4 ffg is what i use but its a bit more the spyderco tenacious is supposed to be 30 usd and excelent, ive heard lots of good things about moras as a fixed blade option and have been meaning to get one, opinels are very affordable and proven

For heavy use get a crkt edgie2 it has a self sharpenning system and works great just make sure you get the second version the first does not have a lock



The Victorinox Swiss Army classic is ok. The only problem is that it is small. Try the sentry or pocket pal cub scout. http://www.swissarmy.com/multitools/Pages/Category.aspx?category=scouting& the nomad also looks great http://www.swissarmy.com/multitools/Pages/Category.aspx?category=soldier+knife& the pocket pal http://www.swissarmy.com/multitools/Pages/Category.aspx?category=originalswissarmyknives& the only other suggestion is the alpineer http://www.swissarmy.com/multitools/Pages/Category.aspx?category=lockblades&

Aye, the Swiss make a fun pocket toolkit, and they guard the Pope, God bless'em, But the man 's looking for a real knife that can take some abuse! I again give three cheers for the Buck 110 or 55 .... knives crafted by Americans, in the USA. I suppose if you need to pick yer teeth, or take the cork outta a bottle of French wine for a surrender ceremony, a Swissie is ok, they do make good first knives for little girls too. But I've an ancient Buck 110 on my belt every day. It's lost 1/4 inch of width from sharpening, but holds a shaving edge and locks up vault tight to this day! Performs as if it costs a hundred bucks... no pun intended.

Get thee to the Mart of Wal, and therein obtain a Buck 110 folding hunter, Or verily a Buck 55 (1/2 the size of the 110) . Anoint either with oil, and stone them once in a while, and be with good knife for a lifetime.

i know you said folding but fixed blades are WAY better and you can get very good ones for VERY cheap, just go to your local camping store and ask if they have "mora knives" they usually cost around 10 bucks and they rock! they hold a very good edge. even lots of wilderness survival instructors vouch for them

I carry a Victorinox brand swiss army knife. I use it daily as a truck driver and it hasn't let me down yet. Though i would suggest a serrated blade, as the steel is a little soft for my taste. I know you said knife, but when I only carry one blade, I prefer a Gerber, or Leatherman multi tool. Just a thought

well, from eagle scout to first class...i used for about 4 years a knife by gerber...if i remember the name ill tell you...it stayed sharp for a log while it has serades, and a smooth blade in one. its like titanium, with a "gold" looking handle, and black rubber accent "grip". i think they only sell that model in a blade assisted opening config. now...its not cheap, but gerber is a really good company to go with. sharp blades, long lasting (if cared for), and a good general all round nice knife...try Buck knives too...i have a hunting knife made by them...not a bad knife. spend a decent amout on your knife, cheap $4 knives are a waste of money...by the time you go through a fw $4 knives, you could have bought a new gerber or buck knife.

Gerber E-Z Out knives are great and cost only about $20 to $30.

Sorry, my favorite pocket knife cost $4 at Menards and has taken use and abuse to it's single blade (no serrations) and liner lock. Then again, I keep it sharp and have learned how far I can push knives : )

I carry a gerber proscout multi tool, its about 40ish bucks depending on where you shop. I like it because it has a can opener, pliers, scissors, lockable knife screwdrivers and a few other stuff that I dont really use. The only downside is the blade is thin and will snap if you abuse it but you shouldn't have to because of the other tools located on the knife. Plus it has a warranty so if the blade snaps then you can send it back and get a new one. It shouldn't break on you if you practice safe knife discipline.

I use a Gerber Paraframe knife. It is a strong, single blade folder that I have used for years. It is easy to keep a keen edge on it, provided you know how to care for knifes.