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The best way to sew vinyl? Answered

Any suggestions on how to sew vinyl? I have a regular singer sewing machine.



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The trick I use the sew vinyl is tissue paper. I would put the tissue paper on top of the vinyl before sewing, then sew all the stitches. Using tissue paper would allow the vinyl to pass through the feed dogs more thoroughly. After you are done sewing, you can rip the paper right off. Use tweezers to get the small bits out.
Also, if you're worried about your needle dulling, use a thicker/bigger needle.

Hope this helps!

You should be able to sew it on a normal sewing machine but use a longer stitch as the material is thick and dense holes may provide a rip line much like a stamp perforation.

Bear in mind that unlike material which is separate threads that the needle can go between Vinyl is a solid surface.

Sewing only one or 2 layers of vinyl can be done on a regular machine. However, when several seams overlap such as at corners and the trim pieces, it can add up to several layers TOO THICK for a standard sewing machine. An industrial machine called a "WALKING FOOT" machine is what you need to do a proper job. This machine has a sewing foot that pushes the fabric with more force. Also, the motor is MUCH bigger on this kind of machine... so it can push the needle through all those layers. I have done a LITTLE seat upholstery in several automobiles and assisted a man who upholstered restaurant seats. That is how I know the answer to this. Pictured is one of the seats i made... and tried to start a business that didn't work out.


If you are asking about heavy vinyl, I have had luck using a leather needle, a Teflon foot and upholstery thread. "Heavy duty" thread has given me problems, not in strength, but on how it feeds in my machine.

Are you having problems with ripping? If so, reduce the foot pressure and make sure to glue a mesh backer into place on the seam.

Not a seamstress, just have done a bit over the years and found the mesh very helpful, and footer pressure was a suggestion that a girl taught me in the wayback, when I was doing leatherwork applications to jeans after I got tired of stabbing my hand while doing hand stitching..