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The color is all red on my samsung tv? Answered

I tried using the controls to adjust the color but that is not working.  Its does even when watching tv or a dvd.  Any ideas how to fix this problem.  Thanks


Check the video cables from your cable/sat box to your TV, and swap them with other cables (if you have them handy) to check that they aren't the problem. I've seen this happen before. (Same thing if you're using an HDMI cable).

If you're using an internal tuner, (or the cables are fine), then the problem is internal, and is likely due to a capacitor issue (you'll see that one or more has swelled). Its a common problem with plasma TV's, but if you don't know what you're doing, its best left for a professional to repair.

Check the carpet in front of the TV - is it on fire?

It could just be latent blood stains from all the super violent TV shows. One to many "Law and order" .

What kind of TV? How old is it?

Chances are it isn't something you can fix on your own. So contact the manufacture and see if its still covered under warranty. If not then find a repair place or by a new TV.