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The contest voting system isnt logical... Answered

Is there any way to say that the contests are not biased when you can vote long before all of the entries are in, by all logic, the project that takes the longest wasnt always procrastinated upon. Many times, the last projects placed in a contest are the best, but because the voting has already been going on, those projects have little chance, if the deadline for turning in a project is a certain day, then by all means that day should also be the BEGINNING of voting. Thank you have a wonderful day.


The contest page also shows the entered instructables in order of when they were published. If you could only vote after everything was submitted, it would be unfair to the initial entrants. This system seems to give both people entering instructables very early and very late different advantages.

Voting by the public only goes to select maybe half of the finalists that make it to the final judging. The staff and random members selected at large do cull the rest of the finalists. The voting period was extended a long time ago to address the issues that no one was really voting or not enough votes because no one took the trouble to go back to vote when contest voting began. It's as fair as can be unless you have a better suggestion. The important thing is to get your ible published. If it is good, it may get featured and you will rack up popularity and views.

Voting continues for a period after the contest closes for entries.

They used to do the voting as you suggested, but with pages and pages of entries to flick through, those who entered first found themselves at a disadvantage, because voters got bored after a few pages, and early entrants got fewer votes.