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The difference between 1200 fps and 1000 fps (frames per second, not feet per second or first person shooter) Answered

I'm currently deciding between two cameras, well three actually.
The EX-F1
Which can be found for $1,000 and the
EX-FH20 or EX-FH25. Both are practically the same. They cost about $300
I think I should get the EX-FH20. The only real difference is 200 fps. This is only a 20% increase.
At the speed of sound or 340.3 m/s filming across one meter, the difference between movement in frames per second is only 2.236 inches.
.3403-.2835=.0568 meters, or around 2 inches.
I'm not going to deal with the speed of sound anytime soon, so I think the EX-FH20 should be fine for my needs. It also means I can get




8 years ago

You might want to pay attention to the resolution in the High speed modes, and the speed of the lesser-speed movies as well.  The F1 does 336x96 pixels at 1200fps and 512x384 at 300fp (full res video at 10x speed), while the FH20 only does 224x56 at 1000fps, and only does "full res" (480 × 360 ) at 210 fps... (7x speed.)  I would think that 56 pixels would be near-useless (but then I'd think 96 was near useless, and people have been doing cool things with it, so what do I know?)

Thanks for the tip. I'll let you know when I use the camera. I have a friend that has the F1 and I'm getting the Fh20...