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The greatest website besides instructables!!!!!!!!!!!!! Answered

ok, so i found this hilarious site. at first it seems like a normal site, but once it loads, you'll see how awesome it is... Awesome site


[https://www.instructables.com/community/If-I-understood-it-maybe-Id-buy-something.../ Beat you!]

It looks like a very fluffy dead teddy bear. A yak looks like a long haired bison.

Didn't they show Star Trek in Topeka?

Tribbles are actually pieces of dead yaks. Paramount got a good deal after a stampede.

4 hours and not a word, he must be speachless Quick Everyone! treasure the moment where Kiteman got outsmarted

Smarted shmarted - what kind of numpty thinks that tribbles are pieces of dead yak? I mean, how would they breed?

I'm amazed...I didn't think that people would believe that.... Fortunately, you didn't.

I don't know that people did...but it was fun pretending kiteman had been burned. I guess it really is an urban myth that he's susceptible to fire.

I'm a science teacher - I'm bomb-proof. I also seem to be relatively immune to electrocution, since the day as a small child that I used an all-metal hacksaw to cut through a mains electric cable.

It's true.

I was playing alone in the garage of family friends. I saw that their garage had a light (ours didn't), and I was trying to find where the wire was that fed the bulb. There were tools in the garage, so I found it.

I don't remember much of it, but my hands were very badly burned, so that it needed quite major surgery for me to keep the use of my hands. Fortunately, I was young, and the accident happened in the North East, which was (nearly 40 years ago) the home of the best plastic surgery department in the country.

I don't bear any scars. My father still has the two remaining ends of the blade - the centre section was vaporised and plated all over my hands and arms.

OMG! that must have hurt a lot.

what part of
  • my hands were very badly burned
  • needed quite major surgery
said it didn't hurt
Come on Jelly, you can do better than that

I have no memory of the pain. Sitting here and concentrating, I get flashes of eating with a spoon threaded through layers of bandage, but no memory of pain. Maybe I blotted it out. Maybe the jolt is the root of my peculiar memory faults. Either way, the incident's main legacy is a decent anecdote I can exaggerate in class when I'm doing electrical safety...

You must have blocked it out. That's the kind of thing I imagine could really scar a person...

There may have been pain during the recovery, but adreneline does a pretty fantastic job during the event, and there may not have been much pain at all. He probably went into shock, too, which could prevent recolection.

That said I was blasted by the mains recently and I can tell you it hurts, so your theory is held up, since I wasn't being shocked by a vaporising saw... Though maybe it does depend where it gets you, in one hand out the other had me howling but if it went across the blade and zapped it than maybe there wasn't much electrocution and more in the way of exploding metal in the face...

In middle school, I had a glass mug in my hand and tripped. It shattered, and must have hit some important vein, because my hand was squirting blood. The only thing I felt was my scraped knee, and only saw my hand when someone pointed it out to me.

ouch, I got hit with a golf club and had to get stiches but it didn't hurt- I actually didn't know I had been cut till' I walked into the house and my brother pointed it out to me!

Aye it was much the same when my arm got impaled by the tree branch, 'cept I knew about it because it stopped me on the way down before I hit the ground, god that hurt once I'd calmed down, my mates mum was a nurse and did a rough dressing, then emergency room for four hours, by which point I was glad to be being stitched up again... The newbie doctor and the size of the hole means that it still hurts at times, I get little pain twitches and stuff in it...

Maybe it gave you superpowers Can you fly?

Can you run at the speed of light? Deflect a bullet? Superhuman strength?

Maybe your like batman and have intelligence as a power

Thinks circles round passing villain


"I know it looks cramped, but, please, just climb in this tube..."

now let me just turn on the massage setting until the police come

Actually, all I really do is colourise it.

And I usually add the smell of roast pork...

Wow. That's both hilarious (child prodigy trying to figure out everything he sees) and pitiful. I'm glad you don't have any scars!

ummm... i said 100,000 that's just one tenth. still painful! :P

I suspect a stun-gun will hurt more (after all, it's designed to), maybe it has a higher amperage?

When they let me play with the big VdG in my teaching college, it was a warm, dry day, and it was stood on a plastic bench on a patch of nylon carpet.

People were getting charged by walking past the bench, never mind touching it, and I could feel my beard move...

I thought the saying was: It's volts that hurts and current that kills.

The original quote goes something like: Its the volts that jolts, but the mills that kills. Mills - milliamps.

Generally true, although frequency, duration, point of application etc all factor in.

I don't know, but I suspect that stun-guns have a higher current than the negligible amperage of a VdG, which is why the effects of a crack from a stun-gun are more extreme, and longer-lasting, than a crack from a VdG.

listen to weiss. it was a high-voltage converter, powered from a 9-volt battery. VdG???