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The knex Miter Saw. Answered

Hey Guys check out my new miter saw

After i saw Shadowman39's miter saw i was like: i can build such a thing to, and here it is my knex miter saw. It looks a lot like Shadowman's miter saw only it is smaller and it takes up less pieces. I am pretty proud of it and i hope you guys like it.
If you want to build it click here and the parts list will also be on that. Further more: it also works the same as Shadowman's saw.
Click Here for a video

Please leave a comment of what think about it.


Ziet er mooi uit! Ook handig als je niet zo veel stukjes hebt.

Great job! It would be nice if you'd add the link to Shadowman39's version to your Instructable Intro as well as here.

I am sorry but there is a wrong on the page in wich I couldn't save the instructable i am really sorry

No apology necessary! Thanks for trying.

There was a new version of the site software rolled out overnight. The description doesn't say anything about changing the I'ble editing code, but you never know.

If you can reproduce the problem you had, would you be willing to post a bug report? Include your operating system and browser, and describe what you tried to do and how it failed.