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The next generation of Refrigerator Magnets Answered

My Mom has started her own business - an online business!
Refrigerator Reference
This is cool, she is selling the next generation of refrigerator magnets, not the fun souvenir types, but the helpful ones...

Refrigerator Reference is a new range of useful and stylish fridge magnets to inform, entertain and adorn your kitchen. Everything from oven temperature conversion charts, basic recipes, seasonal produce, ingredient substitutions, and food additives to baby basics, pet information, hangover cures, natural cleaners and much more.

All of her magnets are Environmental Friendly, and she also offers 'Reduce Your Carbon Footprint' magnet FREE to every customer!

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Gjdj3 (author)2008-11-17

I'd yell spam... but those actually look pretty cool.

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n8man (author)Gjdj32008-11-23

You're supposed to put spam in the marketplace section of the forums.

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Gjdj3 (author)n8man2008-11-25

Oh, didn't notice that it was in the marketplace! Apologies to Plasmana!

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