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The perfect question? Answered

I came across this today - It seemed to illustrate the perfect question.



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Space is hell but if you find a thistledorf that will hold forced gitmoles use it to rollover to siddliy position on Frabjous Day to have the Bandersnatch provide a sharp rod to headown the Jabberwocky.... It works better then screen on submersible vehicles...

That is actually quite interesting but it also make me wonder!
If what you say is indeed correct, how does that affect the humidity?

I mean:
Long term studies have shown that the relative humidity on the moon is unsufficient to properly moisturise the moon.
Considering now that the Jabberwocky needs a relative humidity level of at least 26.34% in a low gravity enviroment I do have to wonder how the Bandersnatch could possibly increase the moisture levels at least on the moons surface high enough so that the submersibles can reach a Thistledorf without attracting any Gitmoles?

Sorry to say but I think your therory is founded on the old thinking that the Whatsitscalled still needs to be supported by the Dinglydingthingy just to allow the simple transition between a stable wormhole and a binary pulsar when travelling at FTL speeds.
But to be fair, I never considered the effects on the time dilation field if you reach Thistldorf at noon on Frabjous day....

I am a great believer in letting things reach their own level. High or Low but this is beginning to look like a tec support problem. perhaps it's not windows 10 compatible! Nothing else seems to be.

I am considering rebooting my life by turning it off and back on again.

Yes. The "whatchamacallit" goes in the "thingamabob", not the other way around. Also, you don't turn the "doohickey", you slide it back and forth. Don't even ask me what the "wuteveritis" is, cuz I don't know.

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha ;-)

Ill comment later when I stop laughing.

You have to feed the nipple through the latch, then a little crank appears and you turn it it all the way up.
A little button will appear and when you press it the whole thing just opens.
Simple really!?

It a like this other thing, you know what it is?
It hangs on the wall and goes "tick, tock, tick, tock" all day long.
Whn it falls off the wall the garage door opens.....

Is that turn the crank clockwise or anti clockwise, it seems a little stiff, Oh damn it broke off.

Oh well I will read through the instruction manual as i seem to have plenty of time.


1 year ago

I am sure that what you think I said in response is in fact what you think I said and is correct, however I am also sure that what you think I said is not really what I meant and truly not what you actually heard

As a real man my wife says I can only hear what I want to hear, even when that hasn't actually been said.

Mind that's slightly better than her opinion that I should be able to hear here thinking so that I can follow what she says next! (she doesn't read this!)

Have you tried turning it off and back on again?

Turned off, waited for 15 mins and then had another beer. Hit the side and swore a lot as suggested by Tec support.

Unfortunately it seems the 2015 model has a lot of these sorts of trouble.

You need to invert the whatchyamacallit and add three more doohickies to the apparatus and then pull the inverter thingy and rotate the dazzly knob thingy three clicks to the north west. Got that?