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The perform master Answered

Front some performs the master to go on stage, his disciple told him the shoelace to be loose. The master nods expresses thanks, squats down carefully is good. When after the disciple turns around, also squats down the shoelace solution pine. Has an observer to see all these, relentlessly asked: "The master, why do you have the shoelace solution pine?" The master replies: "Because I play am a tired travel, makes a long and wearisome journey lets his shoes matter pine open, may tired display him through this detail to be thin and pale." "Why then you not directly do tell you the disciple?" "He can carefully discover my shoelace has been loose, and warm-heartedly tells me, me certainly must preserve he this kind of warm initiative, promptly encourages for him, why as for has to untie the shoelace, future will be able to have more opportunities to teach him to perform, will be allowed next again to say." this story told us that:Person time only can make a matter, understands grasps key, is the genuine talented person.


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Kiteman (author)2012-10-09

Hi, Northface21 - you could post this in your native language, rather than letting google translate mangle it for you.

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