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The reMake Lounge Answered

I would like to introduce to you all and welcome to the site The reMake Lounge, a new local DIY Maker space whose mission is to inspire the maker spirit, foster community, and keep materials out of the landfill. They are looking to provide a center for makers to be able to drop in, use their facilities and resources and socialize.

We enthusiastically look forward to partnering with them to bring Instructables themed build nights and workshops to the Bay Area maker community. They have a pretty awesome and conveniently located space located in the heart of downtown SF. You can see some of the photos below from some of their past events.

The reMake Lounge
M-F 10am to 4pm at
Crocker Galleria
50 Post St. Suite 9
San Francisco, CA 94104



You guys in SF have everything! Aside from KipKay, Jacksonville FL is boring compared to the Bay. Mythbusters Instructables HQ TechShop (it pwns) Maker Spaces all over the place Alcatraz Did I mention Instructables HQ? MAKER FAIRE! The east coast is nothing compared to the west coast. I want to move there after college.

<input type="hidden" id="gwProxy"><!--Session data--></input> Nevada has <a href="http://www.burningman.com/">Burning Man !</a> Delaware has the <a href="http://www.punkinchunkin.com/">Punkin Chunkin festival</a>..... <input type="hidden" id="jsProxy" onclick="jsCall();" /><div id="refHTML"> </div>

Oh, sorry I forgot. But the Bay Area is still a mecca for makers.

Sure, if I was a little more mobile, I would go to the showsin NYC, and such....we shall see next year...<div id="refHTML"> </div>

Another reason why San Francisco is overflowing with epic.

*Twitch. Twitch* I can't take it any more! I have to go to San Francisco!!!

Keep it together dude, you must calm the urge, don't kill anyone (I'm all for ditching Detroit and making a run for it)

You live in Detroit? Sounds like a big place. (On the plane now, SF here I come!)

Won't using internet and/or cell phones on planes cause planes interference and bring them down?

They say you can turn it on like half an hour into the flight, then off half an hour till the end. Besides, when you're in the cargo hold no one can tell.

Well, it was good reception till they noticed the huge aerial...

They worked out I was there and threw me out, I'm in the middle of the ocean, a friendly dolphin's giving me a ride though but I've got to look out for those sharp teeth. He looks something like this.

How did they notice the antenna(and why didn't you use the planes onboard antenna)? Also, how on earth are you using your computer in the middle of the ocean, riding a dolphin, watching out for sharks, and casually commenting on instructables all at the same time??

Thanks to the magical powers of C++. I also sampled all the pills in the health kit on board the plain but I think it was the C++.

They dont let you use electronics on planes because they are distracting and your rapture is placed on facebook instead of the pilot warning of a crash landing. Nothing to do with radio interference.

Most planes let you do it once you're at a high enough altitude.

Exactly, at cruising altitude, nothing bad usually happens. TK and landing are very eventful compared to it.

I'd like to be on a plane crash one day, and hopefully survive, but just as a "Yeah I did that ages ago!" kind of thing.

That would be so sweet to walk away from a plane crash and chalk that one up in the books. Great to tell grandkids probably.

*sigh* If only they had more of these around the world....<br />

Why is it all in SF? I hate living on the east coast D:

Wow, looks like i am one of the westies with close-relation to SF, but i am all tied up on weekdays. Open on Saturdays xD.

In another 4 years. ;) Or if I get there for my birthday...

Oh there's something interesting on tomorrow night...

yet another reason to move there !