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The shocker I'm making with plasmana's instructable is not working at all. can i get some advice? Answered

I've tried twice to make it work and used to troubleshooting methods on both and STILL nothing is working. Does anyone know of other instructions to make a shocker just as compact and strong?


making the plasmana's version is realy difficult, if you want a 300v shocker and don't want to expose the components to dangerous temperatures or your own mistakes, don't touch it, just conect wires for the output 300, the swich and the battery

have no fear i am here. if you dont mind waiting or a larger version i will be making m own instructable. real easy and only a complete moron could mess it up.

sweet. haven't worked on the shocker for a bit but I will. Can't wait to see yours!

Did you comment to plasmana?


how did u get pro by your name?

Lol. That's exactly what I would have said, but you beat me to it.