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The word 'Instructable' is a typo Answered

So if you've ever typed the word 'Instructable' into a field of text on this site, you know it has that dotted red line under it that indicates it's a typo. It's a small thing, yes, but it would add a modicum of dignity to the word if it was included into the spellcheck's dictionary. Just my two pixels - feel free to call me out for being nit-picky :)



6 years ago

I'm really suprised that you don't have a million people screaming "Are you insane? Instructables is more than a word, it's a lifestyle."

The spell check is part of your browser not Instructables. You can right click "Instructable" and add it to your dictionary. Or at least I could...

PS Kiteman and I gave your username to some folks from an educational group from Rolls Royce at the Maker Faire at the weekend. They were looking for good educational projects to teach kids about engineering and making things at the Derby Silk Mill.

That's cool.

You can give them my email address as well, if you want.

Or send me theirs, if you'd prefer.

You were the one that gave them the business card with the usernames on it weren't you?

Oh, you weren't talking to me, were you?

If you mean the kit guys in the corner, yes, I did give them WYE's username.

I didn't realise they were actually from Rolls Royce, I thought they were Silk Mill employees.

Neat - thanks for passing my info on!

They were an educational outreach group from RR that were going to run courses for/at the silk mill IIRC.

Oh, I didn't know Chrome supported an 'add to dictionary' feature. Thanks - now I feel rather dim

What software is creating the little red line?