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The world has come full circle Answered

Every once in a while I'll come across some piece of furniture in the store that's modern. I'll look at it and say: "Hey, that's kinda like the sixties." Well... I wnet to Houston TX a while back and saw a neighborhood of modern homes. I looked at them and thought: "Hey those remind me of old six..ties...homes." I Got to thinking about and realized "Oh my gosh! We're living the sixties all over again!" I mean seriously! Take a look around! All these "Modern" things aren't modern at all. They've all been thought up before, but it was 40 years ago so the newer generations thinking it up don't realize it. Below I've put some pictures. The first 3 of 1960s homes and the last 3 of Modern homes. See the similarities?


I agree! It's all a giant... cycle! Like Global warming, it's happened before!

Only this time around, we are assisting it to the nth degree... ;-)

Ha, we're ahead of the game in the UK - we're re-living the seventies.

And have been since 1982...

That isn't so much a return to, then....as a "we never got past it'; kind of thing ;-)