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There is an 'ilbe that should be removed. It's not in the spirit of this site. Answered

There is an ‘ible that is totally worthless.  The author basically brags that “he did it, but isn’t going to tell you how.”  It’s completely against the spirit of this website.

Here is the ‘ible…


(Note, I don’t know if the author has other good or bad ‘ilbes, but this one should be removed.)

Once done, you can then delete this topic.   8>)


"My 4th Batch of jewelries" isn't an 'ible', either. It's a sales pitch for tutorials that must be purchased elsewhere.

I thought the point of a slideshow was to show off stuff that you don't want to give instructions for.

The point of a slideshow is to show off what you have made, but where instructions are unnecessary, pointless or impossible (say, you make a K'NEX ball machine before you discover 'ibles, so you post a slideshow of it from lots of angles; you make a whole bunch of paper aeroplanes for no particular reason, or you want to show off the garden that you have produced from a patch of barren rubble).

This isn't a flame, but what would the point fo that be?  Especially when you are bragging about something that is quesitonable to complete.

This site is intended to help people create and share ideas.  If I just posted a slideshow of me in different places then say, "Hey, I created a teleporter, but I'm not going to tell you how it works!"  What value does that add?

This is a great website. If I'm wrong about what it's purpose is, I understand.  But I don't see how that type of post can add any value to this site, in fact, it seems to take away from what this site is about.

Well although I agree with you in some way, it's best if the text just got edited. He put on a slideshow and in his "oh look how great I  am!" he put up that he wouldn't tell anyone how to do it. I'm really not impressed so I'll just move on.

However I have been considiring to propose some kind of moderating and the ability for members to flag completely useless instructables after which the moderator will decide if it should be removed or not.

With that I don't mean things that seem useless to you but maybe helpfull to others but generally useless to everyone. Like the "how to eat",  "how to cat", instructables and instructables who do not have pictures or instructables which have obviously been stolen.

That is what I'm proposing.  A method to mark a 'ible as "worthless" and let the mod decide if it should stay.

I don't even mind the "how to eat" 'ibles because it may help others see how to use the site (or the person may be learning how to make an 'ible.)

I just find the "I did this, and I'm not telling you how" message of that 'ible to be against everything that makes this website great!

I totally agree with you except on the "how to eat" ible. If people really wanted to see how it works. They would just look up one of the popular ible's and see how they did it. There are plenty of good 'ibles to learn from

Quite possibly these bad 'ibles won't be found either since I didn't know about the "how to eat" ible t'ill Lemonie mentioned it.

There are thousands and a large number are still searchable. I remember this one, probably because of the appalling rating and discussion. It is only a 3 pic slideshow though.


I'm sorry, I'm not sure I know what you are asking.

 It may be out of spirit, but that doesn't qualify it for removal.

It has been commented, etc.

Commented, as have others.