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These numbers are just crazy! Answered

I was looking at one of many websites I go to daily and found this really cool picture. It (the first picture) is of 8,000 42-gallon oil barrels. Which is the amount of oil consumed in the United States every two minutes. Crazy, huh?
The second picture is the first one zoomed to see the detail at actual print size.
There are more things like this here, and you will be amazed at just how much we use in such a small amount of time. Well it isn't just stuff we use, but most of it is.
I never would have thought the United States would use 2 million plastic bottles every five minutes.



9 years ago

Man, plastic water bottles are destroying the environment. They ship plastic halfway across the world to make bottles, then they ship the water halfway across the world, then they ship the filled water bottles halfway across the world again, and then the bottles are often just thrown away. Additionally, alot of the plastic can't be recycled, including the caps, and these companies are charging us for this effort to destroy the world, but we could just go to a water fountain. The even more ridiculous thing is that if we all just got reusable bottles, so much less waste would be produced.

I got a new reusable water bottle last week :D Sadly though our well water isn't good for drinking. I think we should get some kind of filter that you put on the tap or something like that. I think it's kinda dumb plastic water bottle caps can't be recycled.

I take any excuse I can to rant... I assume that there's a bunch of filters available for that kind of thing. They just probably aren't ment to be attached to wells... Hmm.....

Yeah I've talked to my mom about getting one that goes on the tap

The silly thing is, if america set to work trying to seriously move away from oil. The whole world would have to follow.

It would be amazing if we no longer used so much oil. I can't imagine that ever happening though...

I think I'll read that soon, it looks pretty interesting :D

My jaw is still dropped, hours later.

*picks up jaw, hands to Cameron*

Uhhhh, you put it in upside-down (look in the mirror)

I wondered why this gum was so hard to chew...


9 years ago

  • There are more things like this here, and you will be amazed at just how much we use in such a small amount of time.

Gee. When you multiply by 300million people, you get big numbers. Go figure.
Did you know the US is 23rd in the list of oil consumption per person?

Yeah, but when you've got a lot of very small countries and island nations on the list, 23rd doesn't sound quite as bad as it is. For countries of any size Canada is 19th, Australia is 34th.,Spain & Japan are 43 & 44. L