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They took away the "Rating" button?! Answered

I don't see the button anymore that you can see what is top rated... Is it just me or do other people have this?


its just you i think you might be seeing things do you have a family therapist

No It's not just me, other people got it too, And no I do not have a family therapist.

hmm then it might just be your browser i know certain browsers with certain op.systems ( mac os,windows vista, linux and so forth) have a whole set of issues like right now i am using firefox with vista and i cannot see any avatars

im using firefox with windows xp

yeah that might cause some probs

im not using windows im using windows XP so no i dont think so, annd ~aeronous~ said that he cant see it along with other people

windows XP falls under the windows umbrella i can tell you from experience using firefox and xp does cause problems with view the site

I've never had problems, and other people don't see that button anymore.

well maybe your lucky and maybe this is a problem that other people are having because they are using XP with firefox

I don't know but I doubt it.

whatever man i am just stating facts (probs i have had in the past) you can take my advice or ignore it i dont care

Well I have no choice then using XP, because vista or 7 wouldn't run very well on here.

Wait I hope you arent thinking im talking about the star rating star thingy, im talking about where the recent button is

yeah that is what i am talking about also

Yeah, I heard others complaining. I am very annoyed.

(I tried) The thing defaults to https://www.instructables.com/play/knex/, bah, not good.


I know! I think its still the card shuffler, though.