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Thin blue line paracord bracelet Answered

Hi everyone!

This is my first question; I've been lurking on here for a whille now & love all of the instructables!  My question is (& I apologize if this has been posted somewhere else): does anyone have instructions on how to create a "thin blue line" paracord bracelet?  I've found several youtube videos (which I haven't viewed yet, if there's one that's better than the others, please let me know!), but I prefer written instructions if possible.

Thanks so much!!


Text with pictures AND a video here (scroll down for text):

Hi Thrasym!

Thanks for the link; it's not quite what I was looking for though. I know how to make a paracord bracelet, I just need instructions on how to get the "Thin Blue Line" bracelets done. I still haven't been able to find good instructions on how to do it....

It looks like it's just a blue cord laid on top of the bracelet & weaved into it & then the ends are pulled through the clasp & then melted onto the back. I may just try that & see how it goes.


Oh, sorry, yeah, that is exactly how it's done. You can do it while braiding or after (it's a little easier, in my opinion, to do it as you make the bracelet). I didn't notice that wasn't shown in the link. Any of the youtube videos should be fine, there's nothing particularly tricky or misleading in the technique to throw you off. Just do the first knot, lay the blue cord on top, continue knotting, lay the blue cord down for the next, up for the one after, repeating until you're done (or tie it up as normal and then glue it to a skewer or tie it to a metal wire, after they're inserted through the links, to pull it through easier).