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Things to do on a rainy day? Answered



watch movies,read,go on the computer, play music,listen to music,write a book, sleep, eat, crap, do kung fu, talk to aliens, try to get abducted by aliens (I think i am the only one that would do that)

Put your tongue out an "stick-it" to your water-company.


Indoor Picnic!
Extra Bonus-no insects hunting you or your food.

Indoor versions of most outdoor stuff is fun!

Movie Marathon party. Pick a theme for the movies (James Bond, Andrew Lloyd Webber Musicals, Movies that were books), get foods that fit your theme (like martinis, mediterranean hors d'oeuvers, russian entrees for Bond), and if other people are coming over- dress up like characters from the movies (not just bond, but the villians and the bond girls too)


7 years ago

You are asking a question about what to do on a rainy day, on instructables, THE website to come to for things to make and do in your free time or on rainy days. See that little box up there that says "Googletm Custom Search"? Type someting in and use it!

Take a nap, Read a book, Watch a movie, Be not king of your domain, Call a friend over, Clean house, Take a long walk outside and get totally wet and cold, take a long hot bath while drinking wine,take a long nap (unless you're not alone), repeat.