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Things to do on deployment Answered

Hi there,
I'm in the Navy and I'm apparently going on deployment in about three weeks. (I just got to my first duty station, I'm an E-2 with no idea what's going on.)

From what I hear, I'll have plenty of free time.
Does anyone have any ideas?

Also, I have plenty of free time right now.

Random details:
*There's a hobby shop on my base.
*I can't really do a big project at the moment (I'm living in a barracks until I get to my ship. Then I really won't have any room.)
*I left my Dremel at home. ;P


1. As an E-2, you do not need to know what is going on. Just follow orders. Haha. 2. pack a spool of paracord. practice knots and making paracord stuff (look up the many instructables) 3. make a makers notebook. start a journal and jot down ideas of things to do when you are able to. 4. figure out ways to get on the internet to get on instructables. 5. learn to draw, learn to paint, learn to sketch, learn to photograph... 6. make friends Good luck. (and thanks, We Support Our Troops).

1. Haha, my thoughts exactly. 2. Paracord, huh? Interesting. I'll see if I can find some. 3. Aaah! I had one of those at home. Guess it's time to get a new journal. 4. I'll sure try. 5. I've been meaning to learn to photograph. I just need to get a camera, and quick. (I leave for Italy in three weeks!) 6. Thanks! :)

Oh yeah, I hope someone told you there is a war going on. Be careful out there. Really.

Will do. I'll be working in the engine room of a small ship, torpedoes are a general worry of mine. :p

But honestly, in the Navy, it seems like the biggest threat are shipboard fires and accidents. As a fireman (Engineers E-3 and below are firemen) I'll be dealing with both a little bit more than seamen. (Though, each job does have it's dangers. I know a seaman who was a victim of synthetic line snapback. He's lucky he still has his leg. o.o)

> We Support Our Troops
. Woot! Yes we do.
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Your first project could be "How to make your own rotary tool from scrounged military hardware".