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Things to do with ice? Answered

I live in a place where the temperature climbs over 95 degrees a day.  So I was wondering if anybody has any ideas of stuff that I can make with ice.  Thanks!


Interesting experiment: Get a large block of ice. Set it up on a stand and hang a thin wire over it with a weight on each end of the wire to provide pressure. After a while the wire will eat though the ice but it will freeze behind it so the wire is embedded in the ice. Eventually it will pass right through with no sign it ever did so. WHY? - I leave that for you to discover.

Make a Swamp cooler and use Ice in it.


8 years ago

Make drinks cold.

Just chill.

Add bourbon.

With those temps get a wooden box, line it with lots of straw and or polystyrene. Put a large block of ice in the middle and see how long it lasts. You may be suprised.

Ice sculpture.

Old fashioned icebox.

Block of ice on top of your swamp cooler.

Experiment with freezing water in a large plastic cup around a smaller, weighted, plastic cup to create a cup made of ice.

Get two windowboxes. Install one below a window and plant with (I dunno - whatever plants you like). Drill small extra drainage holes all over the bottom of the second window box, and install above window. Fill above-window planter box with ice, and place a fan so as to draw air in through the open window and its "window screen" of icy meltwater.

Add a few bags of party ice to a kiddie pool of water. Climb in and chill out. :)


8 years ago

I live in Arizona and ice is a short lived romance! I do have a regular thing where I put ice in my evaprative cooler. Remember you can get a volume of ice water colder by adding salt and alcohol to the mix.