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Thinking about going to hard wire for speed over wireless. Answered

I am thinking about going to hard wire for speed. I use a notes program at work and hate standing there when I save a note. Sometimes it takes 15 seconds for the N wireless to save the note to the hard drive on another (slower) Win 7 machine.  5 seconds would be a lot better than 15. Will I save significant time by going wireless (probably 5e)? If so I am open to suggestions. Could my problem be more the speed of the computer than a wireless/hard wire issue? Still, 15 seconds is like waiting for dial-up.


How big is the note you are trying to save?

The bandwidth of n wireless is quite high these days, in fact it exceeds 100mbit wired connection, so unless you step up to gigabit wired, you won't see a difference.

If your wireless is encrypted/secured, each packet has to be calculated before being sent and after being received, which does add a lag to the system, but its in the order of a fraction of a second.

Alternately, save locally, and get a local program to back up your computer/synchronize it to the server in a live setting.

There could be any number of points in the system tying it up.

Try Traceroute to see where the delays in the system actually are.



Without knowing where the bottlenecks are going to wireless might not change a thing.