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This May be Getting a Little Out of Hand.. Answered

I don't know if its just me, but I've noticed a surprising burst of K'nex-driven forum topics lately, some, if not most, r has leik centances an speelin wif know reel point/purpos.

I'm not trying to bash, but there is spell check on the commenter use it to your advantage.

Also, bump: www.instructables.com/id/Block-Knex-InstructablesForum-TopicsGroups!-Now/


I warned you all this would happen, I warned many years ago!

We didn't listen!!!!!  We didn't listen!!!!!

haha, but yeah, I've noticed that too and i find it reeaaally annoying.  What do you even use knex guns for?  I mean honestly!

not really a prank, it's just a bunch of misinformed people :P

i mean the mayans had to end there calender somewhere, right?  OMG, the world's going to end at the end of december 31st!!!!  The calander stops!!!!!! helllllppp

something makes me think that no matter what happens there's gonna be a ton of looting.

It  doesn't end December 31st.  I wouldn't bother to point it out, except to illustrate the irony of calling them "misinformed people". :P

I'm trying to get my last set of ibles published before then, so I can win a pro membership and see that forum before we all perish. :)

I was pointing out that our own calender ends every december 31st :P

Yeah. People don't seem to understand that dead people can't make calenders.

It isn't really a prank, its a movie that just created stereotypes.

We use knex guns to shoot annoying sibling or have wars like you would with nerf/airsoft/paintball/whatever.

but don't knex only go like 20 feet?

it's more comparable to nerf than airsoft or paintball

So use the knex blocker.

i downloaded it and it blox all comments fro people w/ knex in their name too so its anoying escpecially if its a non-knex ible

What I find annoying is when a thread in the Knex forum has nothing to do with Knex.
''Show ya face!''
''The thought bunker''
I'm sure there are others.

I posted mine in offbeat. And knex because they are the people that I mostly talk to. What's wrong with offbeat and knex?

Nothing, except when it's "How do you like to throw a baseball pitch?" in the tech section.

Plus all of these oodammo pistols!!! no more please!!! we've seen enough!!!...

You know what I like about this?  When even more oodammo guns come out, you won't be able to do a damn thing about it except whine and complain.

maybe i should build one for each week and just add 1 or 2 little things to it? sound good

Yeah, sort all the ibles by recent, and build your oodammo guns from newest to oldest.

Wait, Why is my Thought Bunker in knex? Its main section was offbeat. Wierd or what?

He sorted the forums by all. 

I agree with the spelling.  It's called the SPEll CHECK people!

For one the spell check doesn't work for me, so if I have done any of the "bad" spelling that's why and I am sorry.

Well we do post them in the knex section so I don't see what's so bad. I mean there is nothing wrong with us posting them or you wouldn't let us. 

 I do understand the bad spelling. I can't stand it when people use: R U etc...


He's sorting this by all topics.  All topics means that every category is combined into 1.

Yes, I see that. If he doesn't want to see knex things don't sort it like that. Look through each section like I and most other people do.

You know what my favorite part is?  You can't do anything about it except post this topic.  =P

I really don't see why you think this is a problem, Some people's spell checkers are broken.

,,Sorry bout that,,

Yes, that does seem a little over the top, someone should do something about that perhaps...

Bumpy baby! I'm back...

Oh yeah k'nex... Eh yeah, I'm back and 'ibling... S'craic with ye?


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